Tossed About In The Sea Of Life

How are you my friend?

Do you feel unfulfilled. Do you feel like you have so much to offer but you can’t get started, can’t get a break?

You don’t get it, it seems, you just don’t get it. You got mad skills but nothing but poison crosses your path. You’ve got people who depend on you, immediate family. You have a family altar. Understood. You feel like you sabotage all the things which come your way which appear to offer a decent chance at success. What will you do? Where will you turn next?

Should you get a mask and go rob banks. Heck no. Don’t do that.

First thing you’ve got to be made to understand is that this scenario, the human stage, is nothing but chaos, no matter what promises it offers, pure chaos, because every single one of us is all screwed up. No matter the success, power, or wealth we possess.

Follow that road and you will compromise, make concessions, why? Why?

Because we are all Void Driven creatures. The Void demands to be fulfilled, re enacted. The only bright points upon the human stage are there because the Void is wily. Tricky, artistic and creative. So it is mirrored in two ways; Alike and Unlike.

Because it is the cavity within the soul, the human psyche, of which once it could be said (in Adam) that the Life of God resided, now it only speaks of Dualities. This is done in a effort to trick us, to occupy our time. It is a testimony to our lack of True Value, and so it manufactures through drama a “false value” upon the stage of life.

The Void keeps us “purposeful”, in distraction. In falsehoods and emptiness. It has done well. Many are the lives it has chalked up for Oblivion, last stop, final destination. With it as a source for drive we have fashioned Redemption Dramas. A two sided Coin. With dramas of success, and dramas of failure. How sad. Alike and unlike does it mirror its despair, it deceives us with drama, ha, ha, ha (so funny I forgot to laugh).

The stage of life does seem to offer something good, however….

But even that too, the Void in Man has managed to dress up and diffuse somewhat. The Biblical message of the fall of man. With the help of the Void that message has been outfitted with a large scale troupe of clowns which have provided a little tap dance now and then, and so obscured the true intent of the message and its Power.

Remarkable, or shall I say: “Remarkabable” (say it exactly as spelled, from a old episode of The Little Rascals).

Find out what the message of the Gospel really is, or just peruse my posts, until you feel ready to look through the Bible itself. And don’t be scared, by the babble which is out there. People will quote dates, and great theories spawned by “great” minds about why Christianity was created, invented (ha, ha, ha…). Sometimes they’re hoping you would convince them of what you believe. Do not despair, God has nothing but good for you.

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12 thoughts on “Tossed About In The Sea Of Life

      1. Different missions, come in contact with 0ther employed vessels which unawares, serve to inspire one another, and again unawares, bring about the unification, voice of the master’s intent.

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