God’s Grace Shown In Cain

Somehow men would know to slay Cain. I don’t know why that was so. But God in His mercy, put a Mark upon Cain, warning them not to take his life.

The simple lesson in this (I’m sure of other lessons not so simple) was that yet Cain would be availed of more time, more life expectancy, in which to come to repentance for the gravity of what he had done. For the absence of his comprehension of the whole affair to reap, instead, fruition. A awakening, a opportunity for conviction to set in.

Time, Cain was afforded more time.

The Mark upon his head had him spared, that he might yet have purchased for him, on God’s decree, more time to be reached by the power of the convicting Holy Spirit of God.

Yes, the powers of darkness will seek us out, at every turn to consume us, just as our deeds define us, so will the death within everyone else reach out to us to obliterate us. Thinking to enact the retribution of God they will want to hang us from the town square, yet they are not acting on the behalf of God but instead are self elected entities, fulfilling, mirroring the death within their breast.

Why is thy countenance fallen. God asked Cain.

So it is with every man who does not understand the workings of faith. The concept of Faith.

Their countenance is fallen. Jealous that God would accept the offering of some and not theirs.

And so their hand is raced upon one another, thinking themselves angels of death on the behalf of very God.

Sin lieth at the door. God told Cain. If you want to correct it, your situation, where your gift was not accepted, yet you have time to do so. Time to make amends. Make it right.

It is up to you, you have the power, the power to make amends, restitution lies within your hands.

What a gracious God. Additionally with the Mark, he yet provisioned Cain with more time to get it right.

This life.

This life, is given unto each and everyone of us for that purpose. To get it right. To exercise faith in something other than our self. We are a corpse, dead in trespasses and sin merely because of our descendancy. We were born of a Spiritually dead man, our Father Adam. Like it or not the Biblical account of the Fall of man is true.

I know that just like Cain you would like God to meet you upon your own merits. But you have none, you proceed forth from the “Body of death”.

We don’t know if Cain ever repented. You can find out if you will ever repent. Put your faith in Christ, allow Him to speak on your behalf, His representation is meritorious.

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