Our Sanity: Contingent Upon Insanity

The paradox of Sanity Vs. Insanity. Yes, and do not find it strange that this (truth held in the title) is so. It rules. It predominates any debate as to the contrary. In fact you might already have sensed, intuited that this must be so. True.

The very confusion engendered by the presence of humanity is the final verdict.

No this is not a scifi story, this is based upon our testimony, the testification spelled out by not only everyday life all about us, our actions, but what we have written of our history.

This truth is something we intuit. It is the reason why some of us drop out, yes, drop out of the collective delusion, the collective dream.

It is a eminent battle waged full scale in a contradictory and unlimited breath of futility.

Some who intuit this have waged a war depicted in rebellion inhabited by different shades, different colors. And some have put so much on the line that they have no other recourse but to embrace, either insanity or death. The embrace of insanity was inevitable, since it had some ground, it being enmeshed within our drive source anyway. What I share with you is the only true make up of the psyche of man. Though these thoughts don’t appear clinical, or have accreditation with the American Journal of Medicine, or Psychiatry (which are all hideouts), they are not the emissions of the fountain of fear or Insanity which creates the rules of this reality we have substantiated, that we might erect a semblance of the great delusion.

Instead, these thoughts are the very fabric of one who sees clearly. But I know, not (clearly) according to your indoctrination.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much confusion, so much contradiction in the world? The reason for this simply is that we have had little choice (with our limitations, repertoire) but to be powered by a monolithic Duality. Our limited power source, being limited to being a lie, a fiction, thus it manifests itself, ultimately in contradiction. Dualities, contradictions must prevail.

Our good intentions cannot deliver us from the coils of this fiction which drives us. It is not unpredictable that the very scale we place others upon, inevitably we are led to gravitate towards. You have witnessed this paradox, and it is not uncommon, for you to blame it on frailty. No, as a matter of predominance this very exertion lies within all of us, a powerful truth wanting to out.

Yes you can be scared, it is okay to be frightened by the proclaiming of this understanding, this truth.

This truth has always been extant, evident. The problem has been the mad exodus to hide its Validity. This very dominant lie, this world we reside in, whose composition we as a people have derived our values from, is but an attempt at burying the true human condition, our Achilles heel. In fact the very muse from which the legend of the Achilles heel was intuited from is the source of this truth I attempt to unveil.

There is a great deal more which can be said about all of this (tons) but I will leave you with some hope.

Though man has spent himself, trying to spin a web of his greatness, driven out of imperfection making a god of perfection, the more driving its members insanely to the edge of the cliff; All this time the truth also has been occluded, in an attempt to make it appear frivolous.

Which truth?

It has been our lack of the Spirit of God which has led us down this slippery slope.

The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Power, Love and A Sound Mind.

Perhaps the reason why the message of the Gospel has never been presented from this perspective is because God is gleaning now, mayhaps His 2nd Advent draweth nigh.

Put your proper, more relevant affairs in order.

https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at https://www.facebook.com/BiblicallyReferencingHumanNature/ And the blog; andnowmiguel.wordpress.com


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