Dreams And The Conscience (part three)

Welcome back to part three of this insightful (though perhaps not too well communicated) subject. These are themes which I have been gifted in perceiving, and though this is true, I have trouble in conveying them, somewhat, not entirely however. But I believe, that if you have been in search of answers concerning the human comedy, my somewhat limited attempts will click with you. You will take things a step further if this is the case (aforesaid).

Below are parts one and two respectively, should you want to perceive the subject matter in a clearer, and more comprehensive light.



I will throw some light on points which I botched a bit. And take you a step or two further.

There are two realms for consideration;

A) The Human Conscience


B) The God Conscience

We attempted to illustrate the symptoms unleashed upon the world by the entrance of the Human Conscience historically (its birth). I suggest you keep a open mind whilst I point out some Psychological and common sense aspects hereabouts. Don’t allow preference to instill you with a false and pseudo science self appointed privileged disdain. Patience, my good friend, listen…

The Human Conscience was forged in “Guilt”, that same guilt which man blames religion for in causing Neurosis and sickness. You see, the God Conscience has no room for guilt. It takes into account that deficiency, attribute which is featured by the Human Conscience. Man on earth has been practicing the religion of the human conscience, effected by guilt, which demands the offerings of guilt, fear, and sickness.

Once they had disobeyed God, simple things, became guilt laden things. We see three products of this guilt; They sewed fig leaves (comprised a work, a offering, a discipline governing appearance, presentation, a social phenomenon observed), they feared, and they hid themselves behind trees from the presence of God.

Moral: this religion distanced them from God, kept them busy in observances, but disempowered them. They were living in guilt.

This is man’s placement, his predicament in the world today. This accounts for the religions extant, which the average person conveniently uses as a gauge, as an excuse not to turn to the true God who is not behind all these “religions” which bring shame upon the idea of religion.

This is man’s idea of religion, created by the human conscience and not by the God Conscience.

And if you look around you, there are many worships built around this seed, we observe on earth. Working with and living with shame, fear, guilt and sacrifices which have an effect upon our Psyche. Limit our plight, restrict our peace of mind, and make us sick physically.

Consider, that we, in being descended from Adam and Eve, yes of course, inherit this body of death. This is not a body destined for eternity, to live forever, so yes it is subject to death, IE dying anyway. And so is subject to disease. But God has arranged for the power of death this body exerts over us to experience restrictions, limitations, according to our Faith, and yes this Faith’s resources are elicited by the wonderful God Conscience of which we will bring up next.

Return for the next installment.

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4 thoughts on “Dreams And The Conscience (part three)

  1. So many today, define God as ‘the higher self’ or ‘the collective conscious’ and never reach outside of themselves to encounter the true living God. The desire human beings have to be God is very strong and sounds most reasonable to the carnal nature.
    In your last post on this subject, you compared the covering of sin that Adam and Eve designed with the covering God gave them. While enjoying their special status in the Garden, Adam and Eve were neither predator nor prey but in the moment they were cast out, they became both. The world changed when man ate either by the sweat of his brow or by the act of killing to eat and survive. Jesus offered himself as prey that the predator in all of us could be forgiven and by dining on his flesh and blood, in the spiritual sense, leave our predatory ways behind us. When we come to faith and follow Jesus, in this world we also, become prey but when Jesus returns as the Lion of Judah and His Kingdom becomes sight, the lion and the lamb, the predator and the prey, will lie down in peace together. We will be very different then and all will be fully conscious of the presence of God. Such an amazing thing to think about. My mind can grasp pieces of it but slides off of it at the same time. The cross is simple but also, far beyond my mental apprehension.

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    1. I seldom get such profound, and beautiful comments to go along with my post. You are indeed a blessed individual. I’m proud to know your acquaintance. I suggest if possible, you write a post, either poetry or prose, outlining what you have just stated. Others need to read this thought. Now stop disowning praise, it goes to God who set you free, Amen.
      Thanks for this comment, visit, and reading

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      1. Thank you, Miguel. Your posts are different and stimulating. Sometimes, deeply disturbing but in a way that works out in the end.:0)These thoughts I expressed here are still simmering, I think. I will serve them when they’re ready.:0)

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