We Settle For Role Play

Yes, we settle.

We settle for “Role Play”. Unfortunately, in most life situations, we settle for learned, indoctrinated behavior.

Of course we do this, due to security. Identification with rewarded behavior. Comfort Zones, Value Zones identified with. But by settling, we stymie not only self, but those we come in contact with. Especially we should be concerned if we don’t lead the ones we have affection for, out of this fog.

Varied are the ways that this featured phenomenon transpires. We shall examine some, hopefully, employing correct and proper illustrations. Pray for me, this is not easy to cover.

My first night at the Belleview Men’s Shelter in Manhattan, NYC.

The population there is comprised of 85% released from prison inmates. Me, I was just homeless. Wish I could relate in this account what transpired between me and the Landlord who only wanted me out to enable her to redecorate and raise the rent to new prospects. As long as I stayed there she could do neither.

At the Shelter;

“In this place, if you look at a guy the wrong way, bang, they sucker punch you and…”, “In this place if…..” This was the extent of the conversation from a dude who approached me at the soda machine for 35cents. He went on and on. Negativity. Mind you I was a bit younger at the time and not only could defend myself but knew how to put a whole bunch of stuff into perspective. I take words very seriously, and loved what the word “perspective” had done for my anxiety.

This poor kid wouldn’t stop. I’d just met him.

I reached out, put a hand on his shoulder, and sincerely asked; “Is any one at this moment…” I covered several points he had made, such as “Looking at you like….”. Dirty looks etc..????

He paused, thinking….

“No.” was his answer, once I covered the spectrum of negative confrontations he had brought up.

“Well then, let’s talk about something else.” I said to him.

Point is responding to role play, I could’ve said, things in the vein of; “Yeah man, I hate that…”

Little did I know I’d made a powerful friend within that place. We were at the time intake classified.

This guy was the District President of a specific area for the Nietos and the Nietas in Puerto Rico. Tatin.

He ran a crew there (at the shelter) of about 40 who had sworn allegiance to the notorious gang. The ones here in America were reverential off shoots, not as serious or violent as the ones in Puerto Rico. This young man later wished to get off his chest to me, two murders, drug connected which he had committed in PR. There was no death penalty (in PR) and time off earned for good behavior.

He was a constant client there at the Shelter.

Sorry, I get carried away in detail.

But I did not play counterpart to the role play offered me in our first meeting.

I saw a post, on face book which prompted these thoughts.

The following was that Post;

“Everyone you meet, is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always.”

A great example of how easily people punch our Value ID’s and we role play, instant role play. A Phonograph needle stuck in a groove.

“Te pegan el bellon”; we say in Spanish, they put a nickel in you. They play you.

Think before you leap, still waters run deep (lyrics from a old song). We learn role play in the home as children. Juxtapositions to all the other ID’s with Value in the house. Parental pride when they see us play off one another, value ID’s learned. We grease the spokes on their wheels. Their value ID gets accreditation.

But those roles follow us.

Yes, they follow us.

We meet different players, and try to insert our learned roles, try to find a “rate of exchange”

Pathetic! Sad.

The remarkable and puzzling thing is that the necessity for all those value ID’s are merely promulgated by the Void within.

The Void inherited from Adam, our Father, which Void he found within, with the absence of the Life of God he forfeited, through disobedience. Spiritual Death.

The only true Psychology, when it is founded upon that book man wants to relegate, discount, discredit as a “fairy tale, a myth”. Yes, the only true Psychology which can empower man is founded in The word of God.

The role play is deemed unnecessary when we find our center, our true role, relative to God.

Trust in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, fill that Void, be the empty vessel for the Life of God.

Disempower, a weak centered persona arising from the Void within.

I can be reached: at turbans713@yahoo.com, and
https://kingrat1397@gmail.com, and at Facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo. (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (My Brother, Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Facebook.


12 thoughts on “We Settle For Role Play

    1. It’s hard to see our way clearly, how much we settle into, sadly convincing our selves; “That’s just me, that’s who I am.” not understanding that we’re all on a mission, and need to identify what that mission’s first floor is constructed of. If we were successful at separating the put on acquired vestment, acquired for value and security purposes, if we separated that from our potential as a blank slate full of promise, we would have access to a greater potential. Freedom and maturity. Thanks for reading and commenting Xara.

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  1. Reblogged this on andnowmiguel and commented:

    I suppose I have a theme this morning. On Role Play. This continues it. Again there are some things I am tempted to rewrite, but it is best I don’t. Leave it raw.


  2. Great post Miguel. Isn’t it so true how “we settle”. I did for much of life, sadly. Am familiar with Belleview Men’s Shelter in Manhattan and its a rough place from what I’ve heard and you describe. No need to apologize for “getting carried away in detail”. The details add poignancy to the illustration. Isn’t it true how we are all fighting battles of one kind or another. I believe we will fighting them up to and even on our death bed. We had a conversation just this morning about such matters. Its all about trusting Him.

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    1. You know, the thing is that sometimes folk who follow us, are just a bundle of nerves, life has devasted them harshly and brutal details whereas we might collate them perspective wise they will zone out and miss the real lesson due to the harshness of a post.

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      1. Very true noting the bundle of nerves we become because of the hamster wheel many of us unknowingly get on and feel unable to get off. Like anything else His word then pierces the darkness and the Saul to Paul event happens. We have become a society that doesn’t like to hear the truth and when it is preached we react, albeit poorly.

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      2. Hey, USA, Tom rather (no pun), I just trashed one of your comments. It was on sustaining role play. My hands were wet and I could not with the mouse pad move the darn cursor to save it. It was an accident, believe me, hate when these things occur.

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      3. I know and the stupid thing (in my case) is that at times when I apply myself I actually get there but after the job is done, item procured, then for the life of me, I can’t remember how I accomplished it and think I will be able to do it again without that remembrance (Hee)

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