Dress, garb, clothe.

We are so on the go, so on the run. Our preoccupations fill our hands, they imprison us. It has got to the point where we can’t make heads or tails of things going on about us. It is as if we have been disarmed, defenseless. Unable to advise self, our ability to express what is within, is muddled, made cloudy.

This is the common denominator in lives. Distracted. Confusion. Indecision. Lost one’s way.

Where did we go wrong? How did we come to this? Truly it is as if, we have been given a push, one push which will end in disaster, convinced that there is no avoiding it. Bite the bullet and wait till it all comes to the end. Stoney End.

But we never, truly wanted this, we say. We never wanted this, we cry out. “I never really wanted it to end up like this!

I had a friend, Alcoholic, whom I confided in and told, that “You perpetuate (make this portrayal come to pass, complete..) because there is a reward within this pattern for you.”

All behavior is kept because there is a reward within the perpetuated pattern. It is fueled by that reward within the pattern. He, of course, thought that (possibility) ludicrous. How can that be, he griped.

However, were it so (it was), this statement, on the surface, offers no hope whatsoever. Mind you this is perfect, grounded Psychology. But it offers no hope, allow me to explain why……

For the simple reason that this proposes a witch hunt. Therapy, years and years of sitting on a couch, talking, talking, while the Therapist does, only God knows what.

I’ve heard of folk, rising from the couch and profusely cursing the Analyst. This too being deemed as good Therapy.

There is a profound and mysterious irony in this parallel above; Just like the outburst described was pronounced to be therapeutic, “All of life as we know it is one big Therapy”

If nothing at all is expressed by this, hear this; “All of life is one Vesture, one Garb, one huge Guise Dressing the Void within”. Required, requested by the Void within. Manufactured by the Void within.

Therefore all of life is one great, outrageous, and ridiculous therapeutic dance which accounts for nothing, amounts to nothing. A huge distraction, medicinally suiting the needs of the Void within humanity. A smokescreen. A garb.

The Void within man vestures itself with our occupations, our pastimes. Round and round we go, round and round.

The solution…what is the solution? There is one, you know!

First off get it straight, get it right that there is no mystery, no mystery.

We don’t require a “vesture of a clown to chase down the annals of our mind historically for more drama”, more vesture the Void assumed in order to cloud the truth, the issue.

The Void is the issue. The Void clasped unto external negative circumstances in our infancy (or continued to vesture later events) in order to give them credibility, substance, and in doing so deceive us, cloud our judgment as to the urgency of the true need within.

Vesture. So presiding is this state within that it perfectly dramatizes our output.

We paint canvas’ of despair. In this sense do we fulfill it (the Void).

There is a place,  we find, where the Void was dealt with. Providence was fulfilled there, at that place. 

The Cross of Calvary. Provision supplied there for a wondrous thing which could Fill that Void. Take advantage.

Adam failed to trust, failed to take God at His Word, His Word is Jesus. Take His Word for it, for the Void. Vesture all you do with His Life instead.

We clothe our destitution with destitution, but let’s change all this, once and for all….

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