Making A Void Connection

This is a subject I’m well versed in. People, most people don’t understand this. When they don’t get this, that just means that they are sold on this reality which conglomerately we have erected as humans, and not only erected, but worship.

To start, I must give you as simple, and uncomplicated as possible a explanation as to what is meant by a “Void Connection”.

When anyone makes a Void Connection, what occurs as a result of having made this connection is that immediately, the grip that this illusion we understood to be reality, is loosed from about us. From about our Psyche, and it is then that we are open to possibilities other than this illusion we bought into, hook line and sinker.

There’s a very popular definition of “insanity” making the rounds (ever heard it?), but paradoxically, true insanity is living and buying into what man extolls as this reality, for, it was fashioned by a fear stricken Psyche.

There are a list of circumstances which can prompt us to make a Void Connection, here are some; Trauma, Shock, Crises, a humiliating situation, a situation which Causes us to be found short, as in defined as lacking, insufficient, etc., etc..

Now here comes the irony, the paradox…..

Psychologists treat people who go through trials like the above in a effort to get them to, once again, buy into the illusion of this lie, this “Reality”.

The sad truth is that many work hard at reassimilation, finding their way back to this illusion, the value systems we use to assess, weigh matters, judge and credit or discredit one another (hahahahahaha; maniacal laughter once again inserted for effect).

Furthermore; Buying into this reality, and being jarred out of it by “unfortunate” (note the quotation marks) events makes it difficult to tell which one is the blessing and which one is the curse. Paradox……

One thing, once and for all, in this post, I must take sides against and make clear (heahitcomes…)……

This thing we know as reality, as truth, as a logical system of weighs and measures by which we draw lines in the dirt and take sides, simply did come about, come into being, due to man’s predicament; IE His need for true Value, having lost his original Value.

The Life Of God, forfeited in Adam, is that original Value we find ourselves in need, and in quest (subconsciously) for.

Harsh circumstances will cause us to question the value systems at large, and sadly, arriving at the wrong assessment once fractured, or downtrodden by those circumstances, we elect for more “unreality”, more drama. So we emerge to become icons, heroic figures, actually elevating the theme of man redeeming man, “a untruth perpetuated”.


If the severe events, so jar us, as to loosen the shackles of this untruth, and cause that primordial Void to loom so vividly within, that Void which was handed down to us in Adam our Father, that Void which is to serve for us as a reminder that there is a matter within our breast which requires that we attend to it, then by all means….

We live a lie and a fiction.

Now with this information, I leave you to correctly assess a beautiful and awesomely righteous example of someone having made a Void Connection, and assessing it incorrectly, and in doing so, settle for more drama, putting self at risk for more disappointment.

Click the link below, the rest of the lesson is to be graded by you. But read the closing words first, below the link.

The Void was dealt with at Calvary. The Life of God can fill the Void, but not religion, no, but yes His Life, His Holy Spirit shed abroad upon the Cross.

If you need help with this use the contact info below. I don’t check email too often, so if you choose that method, give me a heads up in the comments below, that I can be on the look out.

Thanks for stopping by. Sincerely; MAO

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12 thoughts on “Making A Void Connection

  1. We define ourselves by the conflicts we have with one another. Indeed, ‘iron sharpens iron’ and I think God uses the conflicts we experience in this world to shape us into the people He desires us to become. When we submit to the Potter and His purpose, the conflicts in life shape and make us useful vessels to be filled by God’s love. Without Him, conflicts break us down and leave only shattered shards.
    I like the legal definition of insanity, “The inability to tell right from wrong.”

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    1. The one I never did write down on the post is that stupid one about the person who keeps doing the wrong thing over and over again and expects the correct results. Heard it from counsellors at a homeless shelter who have nothing in the way of help to offer the homeless. And yes, adversity can produce some amazing results in our lives, better character among them

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    1. Glad to hear, and thanks for the good compliment. Honest though, this is the first time I’ve encountered some one else who writes along these lines (mark my word, I believe you). Lot’s of folk think I’m nuts, but some do connect.

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