Schematic Thematic

Consider, if you will a particular occupation we inhabit. Let’s look at a drawn out pattern this occupation illustrates.

Any where in the world, some one rises up and breaks the law. A lawbreaker, a criminal.

So, we’ve started with the breaking of a law.


We have that.

Perhaps it was a crime of which emerged, a murder. Perhaps it later was documented in a Crime Show. Okay, we have that.

Enter; The Investigator. Cool. So we have (the sequence need not be perfect); A) Lawbreaker B) The Crime C) The Investigator (IE A morbid curiosity gives birth to the rise of an “investigator”)

Of course, it is the questioning, the investigating, which opens the door to theories which might lead to answers which point at a potential subject.

Witnesses, emerge with the investigation. Pro and Con.

We even have a series of things which we target and spotlight. Motive, for example. But mind you, there are times when the Crime is motiveless, in which case circumstantial evidence of the Forensic type aid in building the case, IE The reasoning, must follow the physical evidence (feasibleness, time tables, and more things enter the equation.).

Then it comes time to let the dogs out. The chase, the pursuit. So we have; A, B, C, and D) The Pursuit.

Then after some time, E) The Apprehension.

Then we have F) The Trial. It is then that we employ, Advocates, for and against. Defender, and Prosecutor. The Defender is to ensure that all the Societal rights of the accused are kept, and not violated. The Prosecutor is there to see that all the rights of the Violated, the Victim, are fully carried out by those representing the Law.

To ensure that a crime is paid for. Prosecuted to the fullest extent……

The Violator must not go unpunished.

Well, then comes the G) Verdict, carried out by Peers.

These Peers are selected by the Prosecution and Defense.

Presiding over all this is the Judge, who is supposed to be a Fail Check of a sort (I admit there are flaws in my presentation, but…).

Please follow, nonetheless.

After Guilty, or Not Guilty, we have the H) Sentence pronounced.

Sometimes we see both the Defense and the Prosecution make a verbal attempt at affecting the parameters of the Sentence, when pronounced Guilty.

If found Guilty we have the I) Paying of the Debt to Society. Be it Life or Death.

Now, pack up all these ingredients, all this drama (which includes the malfeasance and the acquittal), and it could all be labeled; “Expiation”.

The whole show; Expiation.

It is a “Universal Portrayal”.

We owe God a life, and so we write upon the “Universal Pages of Existence” a Drama, to parallel, our plight. We are all not only puppets but Actors on a stage. Game Pieces on a Game board attempting a expiatory exercise which might distance us from the true Plight of man. Drama. Busy, busy, yes we is indeed. An exercise in futility. The Twilight Zone.

And then we erect tags, “offender”, “defender”….

And then we get angry at the ones who cross our paths and attempt to represent He who holdeth the fate of the world in His Hands.

We have been duped. Yes, duped.

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