Validation; Conversely

We tend to sleep on a great deal in life. Normally we do this on purpose.


In part due to fear, and in part due to “Value Identification”. There are some perks which fall in our laps early in life, such as things of comfort and security. We are fed, supplied with clothing, bedding, security becomes of these things when identified with experientially. And yes of course there were some which had less of these things than some of us did, and to those it falls upon to appreciate the little which came their way. In fact usually such would go on to become amassers of a decent amount of wealth and thus recognition. Funny, almost ironic, yet making no mystery of the ones who come to have power and wealth later on in life.

Validation; Conversely.

You see, we get sent out on missions very early in life, and in some cases, we the participants, assume legends unto our selves, attaching “Destiny” and a great calling to these events. What is the meaning of some of this? What?

Simply stated; Man is in need of Value.

This is where Disneyland came from, the wonderful world of Color (Old musical slogan, to go with the theme of “Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” TV show, old days), I speak of our Dreams, our Imagination, floating upwards forever in quest of something better. Expectantly, the heart of a child looks upon such things, mesmerized, waiting, waiting…

Now, whether our circumstances were moderately “good”, significantly better, or dismally bleak, we get, always, sent out on a mission. Conversely. Because there is a “Altar” from time immemorial which must be served. Must be recognized, acknowledged and paid homage to. The Altar of “Perfection”. But why? Why?

How does all this talk tie in? What in the world is I tockin bout?

Picture Adam and Eve….

Picture the Garden of Eden….

Picture the comprised impressions of comfort and Security juxtaposed to the Psyche…

Now picture Spiritual Death a Unnatural disconnect with the very Nature of God…

The Expulsion due to disobedience, embellished with Trauma….

A trauma which we as sons of Adam inherit within the Void left in all of us due to the absence of the Life of God. The unknown lay before Adam and Eve. They saw this, subconsciously as an “abandonment”. No not on a conscious level. This explains mankind’s Neurosis. This is why the Analyst can never obtain to the “First Anxiety” he quests for. Because he looks to complement all manifestations of the personality with an “external event”, instead of complementing the external with an “Internal Event”. This approach also is due to man’s need to accumulate value in the absence of the Holy Spirit made accessible at the Cross.

So to get back to the title; “Validation; Conversely”

Perfection is a abiding, within the Psyche of man; a little god.

It is a hangover from the experience in the perfection experienced in the Garden of Eden. One way or another we attempt to build such security, handed down to us in Trauma, from Adam and Eve.

As kids we look with trust, like adept pupils to our betters. The imperfections extant, displayed tend to color us and our experience. Little kids go to school and receive gauges and measuring tapes, learn ways of the Assessor. We line up the measures, weighs against the overall picture presented by our leaders in the home, even adopt ways that we place the same tapes of measure against self.

They show a flaw, we go forth with this data and begin to build our world, our universe. IE, we counter with opposite values. We think, deceptively, that we are so “fresh”, so different, so spanking new. Yet we are prisoners of a duality conversion.

Validation; Conversely.

When you come to know Christ, it just so happens that if you want to distance yourself from this “Poison”, you must recognize the problem posed by the “Social Structure” within the believers.

The Spirit, the Life of God must lead first. Supersede all traditions held by the “body” of believers.

Thank you for reading. Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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