Child Sexual Molestation

The following two incidents are true. These events did happen in real life, and the recourse resorted to by the child, did avert the transpiring of the consummation of sexual molestation.

The child, as best he can recollect was between the ages of 8 to 10 years of age. He was sent to the Barber Shop to get a hair cut. Parents can be very trusting seeking a bit of relief from the routines bogging them down in daily responsibilities. Inclusive in trust to embrace unknowns in the community.

The boy sat in the chair. As it happened, this was in the morning, and the shop was empty. Unforseen, unimagined. The Barber relaxed the male child with conversation, winning the child’s confidence. He interrupted the haircutting to walk to the right, headed to the door. Sounds at the door. Familiar sounds of a lock being brought to function; The door was being locked.

Immediately the child sensed something. Fortunately this was one of those kids who was old even while a child. Quickly the wonderful brain God supplies us with computed all the data. Quickly the child assessed the futility of questioning, inquisitiveness, bartering…….

That would only be wasted time. The man came back to resume cutting the child’s hair, and adding something new to the process. A concluded flirtatiousness by the man, which would be intended for self arousal. These folk have a conviction that others are much like them. That others require this release.

Their world was shaped by consummated sexual molestation as children.

What the Barber did then, was to expose himself, while nonchalantly continuing to pace around the child, proceeding with the hair cutting, making sure the child would view the semi erection.

It is not unlikely that the Barber misidentified the child as a kindred soul, and took for granted that the child might want to take part in the perceived enaction.


We suspend relating this event (for the moment) and introduce the 2nd true event in this series.

In a household of 11 people. In a “Train” style apartment in the Bronx NYC. All the rooms would run consecutively. Two doors, one at each end of the “Train”. The room facing the street, was one which would function as a living room by day, and a bedroom at night. Then would appear along the train, a kitchen, then perhaps one more room, intersected by a pass thru with beds on each side (think the rest room was in the kitchen), then finally the rear room facing the backyards, rear of other buildings, also having beds, and the rear exit door leading to the stair well which ran across the floor harboring both front and rear doors.

Well, the same boy, was assaulted at least five times, all were merely attempts, because the maniacal inclinations of his older brother, in the attempts, produced in him such strength as to cut himself loose, frustrating the outcome. These episodes in fact, were the first thing in his boyhood that produced what would turn out to be a fighter of reputation in later years.

You had to be strong, and quick to evade such things. And now I will reveal to you what the boy finally resorted to which produced a finality to these episodes.

He was tired of these stupid events (this was the same boy in both instances). With his older brother this was a series of evasions, with the Barber it was the one. The incident with the Barber was the Latter instance.

The following is what the boy did on both occasions;

“God doesn’t like that”

That’s all she wrote.

Those were a little child’s words.

The Barber put his dingus away and unlocked the door. His brother froze, after a frenzy produced a riotous ejaculation, but this was external, upon clothing, and this was enough to cause the boy to say those words, “God doesn’t like that”. Spoken like a blindly accepting, believing child.

The Brother took something which the little boy, had always admired, his most prized possession and made it a gift to the little brother. Never again did he attempt to molest that little boy.

The Barber gave the little boy a candy. But never again attempted to seduce that child.

There have been recorded other stories like this, of kids returned, released upon the mention of God.

A tribute (a toy, a candy) paid by the ones possessed of such inclinations, to the representatives of God (little children) recorded in such cases.

A tribute, a solemn offering to forestall retribution.

Try telling that little child that God does not exist.

Did the mention of Joseph Cambell, Nietzsche, Bill Maher, or George Carlin produce My Deliverance on those two occasions?

And why did I mention God?

All attributed to a wooden glazed beautiful Plaque placed above my bed in Puerto Rico when I was but Five years of age.

Depicting; A tumultuous river, a relentless storm, two toddlers huddling together, on a bridge, bridge down, no way to cross over, except for a winged Angel of God descending to rescue them.

Imprinted in my mind forever.

I don’t have it but I will see it again when I leave this world.

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG  (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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