Insecurities: Root Causes (part three)

Below are the links for the preceding episodes on this subject. Try to understand that if you wish help with this matter, “Appropriation” is a crucial word in the process of healing, and so it behooves one to peruse the entire discourse, that appropriation for healing purposes might be obtained. In order to achieve that “Oh wow…” connection you will require to investigate the talks.

For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

When we attempt to instruct an audience, it will be as one having accreditation from man, or from God.
You be the judge.

Now to resume our talk on self disabling insecurities and why this, as a millstone wrapped about our necks, follows us, and will not be removed.
Everyone has, in life, a little bit of the light in them, and a great deal of the dark. Here’s where the subtilty ensues; The dark, by our standards of measure, can appear as “light”. This is in part the Spiritual battle confronting us. This is the “Blind Confidence”, which meets up with catastrophe, and questions God. Sometimes even produces counterparts, loud boastings of pursuits of Joy which still prevent acceptance of God. Sadly we tend to applaud these, misapprehending conveniently ensconced in a similar fortress of ideals.

1) We self disable to….
Contradict a edict filed away in memory which impacted us most horribly. That event which occurred in our lives, pronounced us, found us, determined us to be “unlovable”.

2) This is most harrowing to the infant mind because…..

a) Lacking the complexities of “language communication”, a more powerful, impactful honesty will suffice. It comes equipped with this “simplicity”. Unencumbered with speech as we know it, experiencing this event (negative, keep in mind) it intuits the Void within.

b) A meeting with the Void will go like this;

Consummate fear, unbuffered, for the Void is the earnest of our final destination, it is discard, darkness, death, eternity, it is a vacant, a missing within each and every one of us of “True Life”, true Love. When we all meet up with the Void for the first time, its being “Intuited”, makes of it a certainty, a conviction (a familiarity with it which has inspired many renoun writers, and artists).

Upon our Psyche first crossing paths with the Void for the first time, it is then that our most convicted contract with it is signed. We make a compact.

c) All that you see about you are Redemption Dramas (I write about them). All of man’s occupations are R.D.’s. Compensating to outdistance the Void. Some call it death, unknowingly, in an artistic vein. But it is death.

The Gambler, the Substance Abuser, the Self Disabler, the tags are myriad because we are on the run and must make complexity out of simplicity.
All the complexity helps to outdistance the Void. Writer’s tell of this run. Cornell Woolrich is one of many such….

“All of our occupations, our pastimes, we engage in to accumulate, and identify with Value” I said this quoted here, once to a young man who was in competition with me for my daughter’s estimation.
“Not me”, was his response.
Proving my theory by wanting to be the exception in order to validate himself, due to my presence impacting him of the extant love and affection my daughter harbored for me. He and she were at odds.

d) Countering with….

The infant having been provided with some attention, positive, now perhaps facing some cruelty, or accident, or even some correction, discipline….
This is a changeup.
Positive facing a negative.
The negative invokes the Void. The brain interprets this, wraps this around a premise.
The premise of the positive is represented by the concept of “Lovability”. And so the negative incident not only conjures the possibility of being concluded unlovable but also in the process invokes the Void.

This must be countered.
A lifetime Redemption Drama is procured to counter the power evoked by the Void.

Awkwardness at simple social performances is present to say; “It isn’t that I’m unlovable, it is just…..”

That I’m bad, stupid, awkward, failing, a loser, a drug addict, a alcoholic, unreliable..

Praise, the impending success, makes one with such a compact which counters the contemplation of, potential of being pronounced unlovable, subject at that moment to self disabling countering objections, on their part, that they might co-exist with the indictment potentiality of “unlovability”.

This is our ode to “lovability”, our ode masking the Void.

Please return for part four. And note that good teaching requires repetition (bear with).
Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


2 thoughts on “Insecurities: Root Causes (part three)

    1. It is by default because the ground work from childhood up has formed a center comprised of “identification” with security and “love” familial. Impressed upon the psyche of a needy child. It can be got rid of with “Understanding”, give the boogeyman a face, then you can spit him in the eye and set him running. Pants on fire.


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