Baby It’s You

Who would of thought that you’re in love with yourself when you’re romantically involved with another person. Yet this is true, “Baby it’s you”.
When you meet with that individual, instinctively you know.
You know what?
Let’s be honest, okay, throw your pride out the window and listen to the bare facts, the truth; You know that this will be one who will consent to play the wild, mad romp of romantic love with you. Yes, and play it is, for better or worst, and both those ingredients, are provided by the players, guaranteed.
Of course this one (the eyes consent with) meets your ascetic requirements; Appealing, pleasant to look at, etc..
Your attraction to this individual has more to do, take you by the hand, than just sexual attraction…
Remarkably, as contradicting as it appears to those of us who believe, need the cover of “Romanticism”; The dance of the one night standers, is conducted for the same reasons, set forth, driven by the same mechanism as the one under the guise of “Romanticism”. As a matter of record, its presence is, though in appearance more crude, selfish, but a more sincere beacon, a diamond in the rough representation of our plight. Signaling from whence the true urge to become engaged in romantic love ascends from.
This is “The Dance of Love”, an ordinate within each and everyone of us, a thing we cannot resist. This also is why infidelity, has such power, able to break, devastate hearts, families, etc..
Yes, there will be those amongst us, thinking themselves more cunning, more cold blooded, who see the counterpart (individual who will play opposite him/her) as a piece of…..
and nothing more.
But they too are pawns, puppets in the grand scheme of things. They also feed a foundational drive which owns them, forcing them to quest for meaning.
For everyone there are things opposing, symbolizing loud and clear an indictment against us, which must be silenced, and this (impacted indictment) is why we do what we do.
Yes the vestiges of these haunting entities have been given masks, titles, designations, within each and everyone of us, and though they haunt, yet give us meaning and purpose. But it is all deception indeed. A great charade.
The following, I have unveiled before, but due to the new faces passing through this blog, worth repeating;
There is a profound need within the individual to be assessed as “Lovable”. This assessment is processed, and reiterated by the romantic relationship. When two people are engaged in the “dance” they are in the process of building for “Self”, an IOL; a Image Of Lovability.
I build one for me, and my partner builds one for herself.
It’s akin to putting wood, and more wood into the fire.
It feels great don’t it?
In fact we have made a god out of it. Yes, we are like that, feeble (sorry). Don’t get me wrong; I too am susceptible. Is it not an ordinate within.
We need to see the Big Picture.
Meaning what?
Eternity. How does this relate to eternity? Like everything else in life, all of our occupations, are practices employed to keep the Void at bay. To occlude the truth. To give us a value which our Psyche is disposed to employ as a substitute for that which we forfeited in our Father Adam. And so it is that we’re born minus the Spirit of God, true Life, true Love.
This earth is loaded with gauges, devices of assessment, fortresses which we, driven by the Void within have manufactured in a grand effort to pull the wool over our eyes.
So it goes with the Romantic Redemption Drama.
The Web we have spun has covered many aeons. And so it is that the message of the Void and the Bible have been disempowered for the most part. Occluded.
Be wise. Do the right thing.

Allow me to sing this song for you;

I can be reached at, and, and at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo, And at And the blog;
Or you can contact these folk; Rev. Bob Schembre (Missouri), or Ministerio APG (Pastor Angel L. Oquendo, Spanish and English, Florida) both on Face Book.


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