No Straight Lines

Hi, this is Miguel. I’ve been absent, due to a computer crash. I am now at the Library. Below is a post I had previously placed on face book. I don’t like writing (preference) at the Library, so it is not likely that I would construct a post here.

By the way, the thought below was inspired by art classes (in retrospect) of many years ago, where I first learned that there were no straight lines in nature, and by a dear blogger, joyindistructable (Pam Weitzman). Visit her site.

No Straight Lines

Nature has no straight lines, I’m sure you knew that.
Man draws the straight line. Makes buildings, equipment, tools, utensils, surrounds us with the straight line.
We have prisons, for those who don’t walk the straight line. We have criticism for those who don’t get it right. In fact, man is haunted by the straight line. Man has nightmares about the straight line. The Anorexic starve themselves haunted by the straight line. People suicide haunted by the straight line which man has created.
Can ya dig it!
Families, in handing down the regime of the straight line, create much division which at times they can only sweep under the rug in order to hypocritically continue as a family unit yet haunted by the Straight Line.
Our children fill homeless shelters, inhabit lives of social pathological behavior, plan with their overtaxed psyches to self destruct due to the mass, the weighty burden of the straight line.

Jesus can deliver better than the dream of the straight line.
He walked the straight line which has haunted all of our nightmares, imagine, it (straight line impact) started out as a dream and turned into a nightmare.
He (Jesus) captured and disposed of the Straight Line for us. We don’t have to labor under it any more.
The straight line, was, in essence, our “Cain’s offering” to our Psyche impacted by the loss of the Life of God in Adam.
Yes, the straight line was our accursed inheritance.

Just believe in the one who overcame the Burden, the impress, the weight of the straight line layed out for us. Let His Life be your life, your power source for living. Breathe again, my lovely friend.
Nature has no straight line, a simple lesson that what is broke, must look for help beyond self.

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