Void Guises; Enabling And Facilitating

This talk will be disabled by the sentimental among us. Be forewarned, be forearmed.

We’ve seen it in film, in literature where a character about to depart, whether life or distance from a loved one might say to procure comfort; “I will be here (pointing to the heart of remaining character), in your heart”.

This, experientially has been proven to be a fact of life. Departing individuals who have played a role in our lives remain with us. One way or another. IE: good or bad. Not necessarily included alone are those who we feel a positive affection towards, but also those who have played a negative role amongst us.

Where will we find the proof of the above statement? Why for one, within our dreams. Our sleeping dreams.

Everything within a dream is you. Our Psyche chooses to draw data from our experiences to “Vesture” our feelings, our emotions, expectations, including our fears with said data. Characters appearing within our dream.

Even our daily computations as needed are compiled due to said data contained within our Psyche. Our daily choices.


It must be understood that; We are Void Driven creatures. Therefore, our Psyche is greatly influenced by the Void within us. This truth embraces even those among us who are indwelt by the Spirit, the Life of God. Except that with the Life of God, we have the option of drawing upon that Resource, His Spirit.

His Being, His Light will reveal. Will strip away all the Sentimentallity comprised of our Human Ideals which seek, because they are Void Driven creations, seek to replace, topple God’s intent, His will in revealing our true opponents, Adversity in this existence.

Yes, at this juncture it has already dawned upon you, who know Scripture, the Word governing this truth; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood….”

This is why the Christ made statements in the nature of, when His Mother and Brothers stood outside asking for an audience of Him, “Who is my Mother and who are my Brethren?” Answer; Everyone who does the Will of my Father. Those have allowed the Spirit of God such a role within them, as to permit the doing of His Will.

Point of this post is that we must get past all the Vesture which the Void has outfitted our human subjective Psyche with. IE things which do provide us with a comfort which actually makes Clay Pigeons out of all of us, ripe for the plucking. Suckersville in truth. In completion.

This Truth doth encompass believers and undbelievers.

Our ideals, though they appear to detail for us things of affection, of “love”are in fact things which Limit us. Which ground us and insure that we will never soar above the clouds. Never in fact see God.

This is why we have to see the bigger picture through Spiritual Eyes. Our negotiable values obtained here on earth are but Void Guises, born and supplied out of our Voidedness which itself testifies to our Need; The Life of God forfeited by Adam our first Father, in disobedience.



4 thoughts on “Void Guises; Enabling And Facilitating

  1. I wish I can follow this and be generous but I doubt .. I wish i too under the sun can pray to him that I am yours and you are mine .Take me near you .. I am a selfish worldly human always asking for my small selfish needs to be fulfilled in my prayers, from to love to .. to be loved ..

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    1. I’m glad you brought this up. Yes, you will fail Him if you think He will depend on you to fulfill His Will. That is what the “New Life” is talking about; IE When He lives in you, it is He who enables. This is why Christ in dying for us upon the Cross, paid our debt, the release of the Comforter on the day of Pentecost, His Spirit as He promised, He would send, would be available to instruct us, comfort us, and Empower us to Do His Will. That is why in the Bible there is a story told about a one who could not do as Christ instructed him (the rich young ruler), and so walked away despondant. Inconsolable, sound familiar (your words; “I wish….”) Who then can be saved, said the disciples, Jesus answered this query with (pointing to the Cross, future when He said the following…) some things are impossible with man, but with God, all things are possible.
      So the answer is in “Believing”, and upon believing, His Life comes to reside within, to empower you to do His Will, “no, never alone, no never alone (a song)”


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