A Child’s View

Normally I reserve sentiment. I suppose, however, that this holding in reserve can within the correct time frame, and circumstances, like the clouds holding in containment reserves of water, lead unavoidably to a downpour.

I sat watching a reportage (on a Spanish TV channel), switching now to a story, real life situation concerning illegal immigration;

A woman who had struggled to sneak across the Border from Mexico. The first time, years ago, when caught, she was sent back.

Mexico is a beautiful place, Nature wise. Scenic panorama. Yet a country in turmoil. Power struggles, political regimes, every one struggling for the piece of the pie. Cesspools of tremendous profits in drug money. Poor folk believing that drug money will give them that piece of the pie denied them by their own class limitations. Fear of course has a great deal to do with this, and anxiety, having to live with a poor sense of self value. Very few jobs, much poverty.

No wonder that some flee across to the “Mountain of Gold”, America.

Perhaps here they will, etch out a living. Crews of drug gangs over there slaughter innocent villagers (displaying heads of those who would oppose their reign of terror) to keep them in line.

To get back to the news report; At present, she had been married a few years, having, made it safely on her third attempt, and met a legal man, now the proud parents of three children. Yet never having (for fear) reported her status.

A Church given her Sanctuary for three years, in which time she had met the man who would become her Husband.

On the day preceding this report (on television), she was in the house with the three kids. Outside the door, a crew of immigration officers, banging on the door, demanding that they open up, calling out the woman’s name. Someone, had maliciously ratted her out. Someone, no doubt  who thought themselves to be a “real” American. What was one moment a peaceful and loving scene, now found a Mother trembling with fear. Kids, who could not make sense of this, looking up to the Mother’s face, then to the door still locked.

She was one child short, at her arms, at her legs, at her skirt.

The door opens.

A little girl steps through it.

These words, I heard the reporter quoting the little girl to have said to the men with drawn guns; “Why do you want my Mommy, my Mommy is a good person. My Mommy cooks food for me, she buys me clothes, she washes my laundry, she……” this was all I could hear for the moment, when trembling with tears, these two words came out of my mouth; “Oh God…..”

How can a Child make sense of all this……

The mess we have created.

I can be reached at kingrat1397@gmail.com, at Biblically Referencing Human Nature on facebook and also on facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo



12 thoughts on “A Child’s View

  1. Uff !! How sad and painful , I just felt like my daughter holding me tightly and somebody snatching me away from her .. Why we have such rules and laws ? Why cant we really believe in the Sanskrit Shloka “Vasudeva Kutumbakam ” which means “all World is my home “.. I am having goosebumps and numb .. Hate it .. Hate them .. ;(

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    1. Good news though, she was allowed to stay, because she has rights, married to a legal, the courts protected her. Today she goes about informing illegal aliens (of her nationallity) of their rights. Wonderful, huh! But I wanted to stress how cruel, man is, conquering lands and erecting laws, a forestalling the coming of the kingdom of God, with actions which proclaim him alone as protector. Trust me, it is complicated. All we know are our ideals. We rely on guns and wars, and ideologies, which necessitate cruelties which fearfully are encompassed by our fears.

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  2. Yeah, stories like that are very heart-breaking. Can’t they give the woman a chance to become a naturalized citizen of the United States? If she is actually doing what she is supposed to do, then by God, she has a right to be in this country. That’s what America was founded on! We were founded on cultural diversity and just pursuing life, liberty, and happiness.

    There is a fine line of who should and should not be here if they did not become naturalized. I am willing to debate this issue if anyone cares to partake?

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    1. Look who’s been on a prolonged hiatus (lol) and is ready to debate…..
      But seriously. I haven’t been visiting my people, cause my laptop crashed, writing this on a darned 7inch contraption and going blind. Parts have been sent away for (on their way, like sky captain). However look in on the comments, on this post, should be there the followup good news what became of this woman (and what a precocious child, huh. ). Thanks for reading and commenting, and do hope you are well, friend….

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    2. Hey xara, I replied to you below, but someone else got your reply, glad to see your revisit. Listen I have not been reciprocally visiting my supporters cause am working out of a 7inch joke gadget, since my laptop crashed but should have it up and running within a few weeks. This gadget is frustrating and I can’t copy paste on it, blinding me also. Again, I mean that sincerely glad to see your return.

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    1. Thank you and I hope you read this because this is a followup answer for you having received from me a reply meant for someone else who was a longtime supporter. When you read something like “look who’s been…hiatus” that was meant for someone else. Sorry for the mixup causing you to wonder if I was nuts. Thanks for your understanding ahead of time.

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    1. God bless you sir. As you can tell, such was my purpose, for it breaks my heart to visualize that the simple concepts of a child should be assaulted by our stupid traditions of drawing lines upon God’s world. Thank you for your thoughts.

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