Redemption Driven Creatures

We, are, every single one of us; Redemption Driven.

Yes, from our very core.

There are no exceptions. Here’s a perfect use of the word irony; By believing yourself to be exempt from this rule, You’ve loaned credentials to the rule.

Sure, absolutely, for it is the need to redeem self which drives you to want to be the exception.

Inescapable. Because it is the Void within which drives us to identify with and accumulate Value.

We are a race of assessors. Judges, critics. A human race of illusionists. Idealists. Desperately, how desperately we seek isolation. Step aside, coming through, I’m the One. The one and only. Void driven to show you that I am special.

The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection.

The above is my saying. I gave permission to one other blogger to use it, a banner heading for her blog (Beauty is Perfection).

Moving on…….

Busy, busy, busy we are. The tangled web. Caught up in the complexity of it merely for the purposes of Redemption. Keep our minds off of our need, our innate need for redemption. Smoke and mirrors. Distractions are our preoccupations. And this is why they are temporal. At the door of death many of us have come to be disarmed. Stripped of our illusions, our conceptions. For the acting is done, it is over. We step through the veil.

Even in life we strive against the truth. Striving, raising our fists in frustration rather than admit the truth. And so Poets gain prestige, a following even, yet it appears that they have led some astray. Will, will was, has been employed. Decisions, choices. So then can we blame the other dreamers like ourselves, the poets, no. No, we made the decision. We have been given the will, not by frivolity but by more than genius. By Very God Himself.

No small feat have we foolishly performed in creating many alternatives which would distract us from the Truth. Religions, mysticisms, monuments to the goodness which flows out of the hearts and lives of mankind. Yes still these flourish to loan credibility to man. Our heroes, our legends having been erected to separate us from the truth; We are in need of redemption. We owe God a life.

He saw our distraction. In due time Christ Died for the Ungodly.

I know this is hard to understand. Yet it is no mystery. Never has been, it is just the language which might obscure it, understood at one time, perhaps not now. Fear has driven us to turn away from the true intent. Significance.

We are dead within, living on borrowed time. Born of a fallen creation, Adam, we are Voided Beings. Empty of the Spirit, the true Life which returned back unto God. You have been led to believe that this is a myth. I know.

The proof is in the pudding.

If you feel the need for improvement, to better yourself, insatiable, feel unfulfilled within; This is man’s lot, and not his destiny. His destiny, born of Adam, minus the life of God Is Discard, Discard is unavoidable, for without His Life we cannnot go to be with Him.

Christ, the 2nd Adam from above came to be tested by the law. The law which proved us to be innately dead, and in need of that Life which He, Christ, safely took all the way to the trial of the Crucifixion, Precious cargo he secured for us that we might be availed of through Faith.

Only believe, accept His, God’s Gift to you. Redemption, repurchase is what we need, to have the New Life, deliverance from incompletion.

Thank  you for reading, take advantage of the Gift of God.

I can be reached at and at FaceBook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (the one who lives in Huachuca City Az, for there are a few other Miguel Angel Oquendos)


19 thoughts on “Redemption Driven Creatures

  1. Very knowledgeable and helpful,hope many like me will benefit from it , and will believe in his existence. Truth is He has the plans for all of us it’s just that we don’t believe in his existence and not trust in his art of leading us in the journey of Life , i am glad to have a preacher in you who help us moving further believing in the unseen force .

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    1. I can’t say, but that the smile which instinctively pounces upon my face when I see “bhaatdal” among the likes and comments, oh boy you leave flowers and destruction in your wake (lol). Thank you for such humble praise and encouragement, and I know that even God himself is pleased. Forgive my presumption to speak on His behalf

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      1. old country western song (ogie from muskogee/merle haggard) look it up on youtube. Had a coworker as a young man, he used to say “okee rokee everbody”

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    1. Well, happens to be the best compliment from the blogging system I have ever truly encountered. Well written. I think you should start a blog. Thank you so much. Hope you manage to return.


    1. I am glad for your comment, because I appreciate commentary but I honestly don’t understand what you’re telling me. I could relate to you what it appears you wish to share with me but that would be a waste of time for only you can identify correctly with what you have written. If able, please tell me what it is I have missed in your message to me. Thanks again. I hope the post was of some value to you. Hope I might actually be of future use to you and family.


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