What Of Our Life?

We go on living it, and briefly pause to wonder. Briefly.

So ridiculously briefly.

The reason for that is that we are a performer. A actor upon a stage, and yes, we are very comfortable believing we are this person, this performer. Identity is sought after. Value is sought. Security is sought. Comfort is sought.

And in this process, we encounter, laughs, joy, ecstatic feelings at times. And rejoicingly do we embrace those moments of elation. We go on, encounter friends, record adventures. We look back on them and in doing so a smile appears upon our faces, indecipherable to those present. Of course, this may occur in the absence of others.

And the tragedies merely come as a entirely different creature, mostly by surprise.

Our Dreams

Yes, our dreams are slightly different. By dreams I, at this point, do not refer to aspirations. I refer to what takes place inside the mind when we rest, when it is free to show us the work, the creations it doth paint upon the canvas of rest, of sought resolution to inner Psyche impressions.

A Dynamo, fueling our waking life

Yet so clandestine, that it reveals itself in Dream Guises only. Shy. Unobtrusively. Its pieces make entrances upon our resting minds. Many of us never take the time to unravel these dream dramas. Beyond describing them in their what already is a superficial entry. Exactly how they unfolded, the story. Some of us refer to Dream Books which utilize a series of matching possible counterparts. Some of us refer to a mystic.

I’m not a mystic, but I’m able to make propositions counterparting dream images, as possibles in the arena of deciphering. Only the actual dreamer can elicit fitting conclusions which helped along by the attempting interpreter, then facilitate dream interpretation.

At Any Rate……

All the waking things which comprise your actions on a daily basis Are fueled by your past experiences.

Your failures, your regrets, your missed opportunities, your mistakes, your past inability to do something (immaturity) at a given time, and most of these occurred in your youth.

They weigh like a stone sunk to the bottom of your watery soul, irretrieval, time never to permit their being negotiated into Value.

And so these become the driving source, your center. These are the burning and consuming themes within which indeed resource your preoccupations.

Your waking pastimes, and your resting pastimes are vested with actions proposed by these same themes of missed opportunities, irretrievable.

And all this because life is a lost cause from the beginning. From the outset.

On your mark, ready, get set, go…….

We are Shakespear’s “poor actor” on the stage. It amazes me how close we’ve come to the truth at times. How our best writers have hit the nail upon the head at times in literature yet, never mined these truths. Why………


Simply because to do so is not marketable, not fruitful as far as the human is willing to grasp. Not negotiable within our human assessorial values.

Our weighs and measures refuse to work with the truth. Yet Paradoxically arriving at the truth, embracing it, is what will obtain for us true Value and Spiritual Insight.

A Sharing

I will visit you for a moment, come into your presence, and lay at your feet a incident which occurred to me as a child.

I went to a new friend’s (made at the beginning of the school year) home. He was so enthused about my seeing some toys he had. I think I was about 11 years old. I had won this privilege by butting in when others were picking on him in class. Privilege because although Hispanic (most Hispanics were poverty level in our neighborhood) he came from a financially well established household. Everything in his home was beautiful, including his Sister. She was a rose. I had never been in the presence of so forward a girl as this. Consider my age.

I’m sitting on the floor with him, paying attention to the toy train he is allowing me to handle, while this beauty sits alongside me, playing with my hair, caressing it. I was experiencing a powerful connection with this child (same age as I).

She would not leave my side. If I had been older perhaps, we might have considered ourselves going steady based on her actions. Well……

The gist of it is that, I never had reason to go there again, never saw her again. It is a vast world when you are so inexperienced, so small.

She appears, along with the accompanying feelings of loss, over and over again in my dreams.

Life, it is but a ruse, a web of drives, weaving regret, purpose and identity values all at the same time, merely to counter, give credentials to a prehistoric event.

These corresponding events would have no processing, no way of correlation value were it not for the Innate Sorrow we enter this earthly Sphere with.

All the occurrences we encounter in life require tabulation. They must find a corresponding identity by contrast with the innate. Otherwise they find not mathematical equation, no Value. We cannot put a label on them. If there were no innate sorrow, no innate joy, no innate pain absolutely none of the external occurrences would have any value.

This is what is meant by “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”.

Yes, we have it backward. This world is truly the stage of a poor actor.

I can be reached at kingrat1397@gmail.com or at face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az, for there are a few MAO’s)


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