Romantic “love” Revisited (yet again)pt.2

Please note; a small “l”(el) in front of the word love. Reason being that it addresses not, real or true Love. The love men and women experience for one another is a powerful thing, packed with much power, much drive, but it bears “Tells”, yes, just like the gambler studies his openents, observing, spying out the “tells” upon the face, displayed by hand preoccupations, body gestures, so does our version of love as practiced among us humans possess frightening tells, tells of discomfort, of sorrow, of mental deficiencies, and more importantly, of Bona Fides. Origins.

All the drama attributted to our version of love bespeaks of its fount of brokenness.    

Convicting Evidences which define, invalidate what we assume to be true love. We need to believe that within our breasts lies true love. Desperation is the convicting evidence which cries out to invalidate this wish within our breast. If there was a true certainty that we possessed true love; peculiarly enoough, we would, maybe assert it without impactfulness, without sentiment, a flat out unemotional statement. Because the demonstration of our emotion has a Foundation of Infirmity.

This paragraph above should be of some comfort to those who are currently undergoing a romantic heartbreak, with some difficulty, yes, but bear with…..

Stick with this series…..

To others the paragraph referred to is determined to be of a threatening nature, challenging and insulting. The reason for this conviction is found among several truths.

First; We have a innate need for Identifying, aligning Self to Value. You see, innately we lack Value. Why? Because true Value is the Spirit of God. A thing we forfeited in Our Father, Adam.

Life is what? It is consumately, humankind darting left and right in an attempt for recognition, for Value as we negotiate it, understand it to be, have created its definition. As Society dictates conglomerately. We will fight tooth and nail if our concepts of value are threatened, for you see, we have gotten to the point where subconsciously we think; It (our tags, labels of value) is I, and I is it.

Mind you, this is because of the Void within. The Void where once the Spirit of God resided in.

So all the offspring which stemmed from Adam have woven this wonderful web of pain, and sorrow.

And yes, in the process, of ego. This is what the Analyst describes as the id. The id is so scared, so frightened, that God becomes a threat to it. Now listen; The Christian too is a threat to the designated ego of man. Designated for Waste, for Discard. Man, in intuiting this designation not only is driven to vouchsafe a time immemorial monument to his perpetuity as a accomplished creation, possessing value, “I am somebody”. You see, even the Christian is partly driven by this same Voidedness, this is why the Bible worns; “Be ye filled with the Spirit”, yes the Void yet resides even within the Saved individual, for Salvation is not of us, but instead of His Doing, of the finished work upon The Cross of Calvary, He is working within us. And needless to say, He sends us help. Others to instruct us according to the portion of His Spirit within them.

Please return next time as we continue this talk on romantic love.

For more information, contact me at; or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (the one who lives in Huachuca City, for there are a few others bearing the full complete same name), or at Biblically Referrencing Human Nature online (face book page)


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