Remain Safely Ensconced Within….

…….your system of values.

…..within what ever traditions you may have, may perpetuate.

The problem with “Christians” who are born into a Christian household generally stems from that of undergoing laws, rules of such a household, and so imperfections become a spotlighted item. The imperfections of those telling them “this is the way”, it must be done like this…..

And so being these individuals who never understood repentence, did not see their need of redemption, did not feel that need, did not require a personal relationship with the Lord, instead, in essence were being handed one, as with David when he said; I have not proved these….

Having been handed tools of battle which Saul in attempting to provide him with the means whereby, at least he would appear ready to go out and do combat with Goliath, this belied by his youthfulness. I don’t believe any of those present really believed David would succeed.

But those words.

David’s words, due to the Spirit being mighty within him, would have perked me up. The Word of God even when spoken through unclean lips, can have that effect.

And David had his reason for rejecting Saul’s personal arsenal. He had his own personal relationship with his sling, and his missile.

He had the familiarity of having killed both, a lion and a bear.

I know that in saying the following, I seem to have flipped the title of this post, but listen; Don’t be content, don’t remain safely ensconced in your family’s traditions, no, not if you have not had a personal relationship with them, if you have not proved them. 

Your life will be one of tatters, shreds and tatters. Never the complete edition will you be, or represent. You will be the monument of a, of the lie. The representative lie.

All of your representation will collapse, will fall apart. The worse part is if this falling apart should take too long, too many years to come to fruition.

I know that it is too risky. Too risky for you to abandone the belief structure which has been handed to you. To step out on the limb would be suicidal.

Well for one thing, don’t be a radical, if you did, then who is to say that you are being one out of impetuousity or not? Barabas was a radical, and he was wrong, prompted by emotion, seeking to make the mark for his ego, impetuous, the fires of youth. So don’t discard the belief structure within which you are safely ensconced out of rebellion. No.

If you have been brought out of such a safety blanket correctly, it will be by the Spirit of God. It will be by conviction, by power, by enlightenment. By love, above all else, and you will win others.

You will win their admiration, their respect.

When God calls you, it will be because He has prepared you. You will come.

I can be reached at and at facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az) and at Biblically Referencing Human Nature (a facebook page)


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