Why We Can’t Handle The Truth…..

I would hazard that about 98% of humanity cannot handle the truth about existence. I’m just supplying excuses you say (for myself).

Alls I have is an opinion, says you.

Yah, an assessment based on very plausible data. In observing objectives, deeds, preoccupations of the human creation. So obvious, no mystery about the things I have witnessed. Points which are irrefutable, not to be assailed in makeup, out of reach of our Collegiate influenced universes of preferential minds.

Colleges have done a lot of harm to our youth.

It appears that the clowns teaching, were only concerned with the building up of their egos, egocentric value amassed.

Right there, with the point on above, I’ve already shot down some reader.

Goodbye, thanks for stopping by, don’t let the swinging door hit you on the none proverbial ___.

But you’re a Christian, you say, don’t talk like that…..

When necessary, My Lord was brusque. Spiritual outrage.

Promising that if they persecuted Him…….

I don’t expect any less, you can take the popularity contest, I don’t much have a care for it.

I’m very much awake, thank you.

Everything we do proceeds from out of our emptiness, out of our true lack, our true composition, our true need.

We are in need of regeneration, in need of His Life. Yes, and even the Christian, that wellspring, which promises to fill that Void within is accessible to the Child of God, because he at least, minimally started through Faith, a Faith placed upon the Finished Work of Christ upon the Cross, (started) the empowering and healing, regenerative process.

But as to Christian, don’t sit on your laurels. Attempt to be sensitive to the Holy Ghost. Find a practice, a means by which you can stand to profit the most from that Heavenly Treasure you now possess within the earthen vessel.

You see, we are so far removed by custom, from The Spirit of God. We bring that insensitivity into this New Life with God.

When but a youth, after having received Christ, I saw on display, a thing I had not known existed, while in a Christian Book store. A Loose Leaf Bible. It was love at first sight.

The whole complete Bible held in a loose leaf binder with blank shees of paper which you could discriminately intersperse according to your reading progress, and of course write notes upon the blank sheets as the Spirit would lead. I saw this as a training ground, a school whereby I could learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God in a credible, practical way. 

Is it not true that the Very Word tells us that He comes to live, inhabit within?

Not in keen spiritual mockery, as some attempt to vest themselves with. Impostors.

As you may have figured out, and I anticipated. At the first attempts I was constipated. The Holy Spirit had to get pass my ignorance, my luggage, humanity.

But so it progressed. Little by little the Spirit would speak, would equip me. I began to be a better vessel.

Faith became a lifeline. Nourishment. Character. 

But as to this Post; (pardon a retelling) I once sat with my Son In Law, in the days when there was a lot of friction between us (not anymore, just love now, praise God), the days where it was hard for him (and her), for there was violence between him and my daughter, and so her admiring me, and hating him, produced a spirit of competition beween he and I.

Trying to open up to him, I said; “John, listen to me….” “Everything we do in life is but alone for to accumulate and identify with value. Due to our innate lack, there is nothing we are driven to do, but for this purpose alone.” “Listen to the conversations on a bus, on a subway train, in a store…” “You will see this truth borne out.”

His response; “Not me.”

In my head I said; “Thank you for proving my point by wanting to be THE EXCEPTION.”

IE; My presence then as a teacher, a mentor invoked his lack, and squeezed by that accuser, he needed to validate self by needing to be the exception.

So, what truth is it which we cannot wrap self around?

Simply that we are a fallen Creation in need of redemption, repurchase, in need of the Life of God. For that alone is true value.

In the repetition of the phrases; Saved and Born Again, mankind has disempowered the message of the Gospel. We have to make it more practical.

Thank you for your gracous and kind presence.

I can be reached at kingrat1397@gmail.com and on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.


8 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Handle The Truth…..

  1. Good post. As a college graduate with no religious affiliation, I was willing to read your post and take it as food for thought. At college, we were supposed to learn to look at issues from all sides and listen to all arguments (unless of course someone is saying outright lies and negativity toward someone).

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    1. A long while back, you said to me that you were proud of me. I am more proud of you now for this than I have ever been (always was). I have always held you in high estimation, sensing your potential. This means a lot, thank you

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      1. Of course. There is some truth to religion, I’m finding out. In college, I used to be a diehard atheist and blinding by the thought that people were just pushing religion on me just to control me. That’s not the purpose of religion, I found out. It’s a guideline by which to live life and is something that others take very seriously. Therefore, it is my job to respect people’s decisions to choose religion (although Christianity (and any form of it) seems to be the more true one).

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    1. Sei caldamente benvenuto. E grazie per la vostra visita. Salute. Speranza anche per il ritorno e la mia rivisitazione del tuo blog.
      Questa è una traduzione di Google, ma con il mio spagnolo sono stato in grado di dare un senso a quello che aveva detto. Ciao


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