Romantic “love” Revisited Yet Again (part four)

The url’s conveniently displayed above, if you wish to catch up with this talk. I recommend that you read the previous posts  (naturally).

Now to begin part four……..

Snake Bitten

The first couple; Adam and Eve (snake bitten), a series of events imprinted themselves within their souls.

I know, unfortunately all things concerning them (Adam and Eve) are a Myth to you. Play along, I will paint a picture for you, whether you wish to discredit it or not, I will counter your impressions, play along…

Just like you believe that man in discomfort created God……just like….

Man in discomfort must discredit God, must discredit the Biblical Fall of man.

The likes of Trauma;

I’ve seen little babies, who have only been with their Father for moments at a time during their first days; emulate individual characteristics. Never having had opportunity to observe and learn them. Never having had enough time to appropriate them.

A supper cataclysm

Hit very hard. They were hit very hard. You can’t imagine what it would feel like being the first couple of Creation. Having begun what goes on to be assessed by the human Psyche as a Bond. Then to see that that bond leads to disaster.To failure. To the expulsion from the nurture of Very God Himself.

Cast out from His Presence

Directed into the Unknown, go, now go (all due to sleeping on His Word, His instructions, wanting their own way, the way of their assessment.). As I pointed out before; No one waited for them upon their exit from the Garden of Eden with Self Help Books, no instructions, for wasn’t it instructions (word up) which they relegated through assessment to a place of least recognition. This last is our plight.

You won’t find this in Philosophy books, but this is (upon their exiting God’s Care) where the Fear of the Unknown first raised its head. Trauma attached itself to this occurrence, and this same Trauma, along with the Void where once the Spirit of God resided, is that which we have Inherited. Children of Adam…..oh you feel that I should be politically correct and say; Children of Adam and Eve (ummm?).

A key Word; Blame

Yes blame. The Serpent beguiled me. The woman whom thou gavest to be with me….

Blame, as a band-aid became a balm for the Trauma of that first frailty demonstrated.

Here is another key word for us; Excuses

Easily grasped at by our Psyche to assuage the Presence of the Void. By the way, the Void is made most assuredly more powerful and frightening by a remarkable feature it possesses; that of Intuition. 

The Void is intuited. Yes we possess intuition. The Void when Intuited, has the remarkable faculty to disable us. Cripple us, and even inspire us to conspire with the assistance of others to create myths which sustain a balance in this illusion called Life.

There are many key balances which boost us with purpose in this illusion borne of the Psyche, we call Life, existence…..

Now before we separate (I know you don’t want to be separated from me), do me a favor and put together those two key words I have provided……yeah that’s right…uhuh….good….there…..

Blame and Excuses

“I’ve had such a hard time with romance, simply because I haven’t yet found my Soul Mate”.

That Union, put together by God, the first man and woman….

disastrously failed. We inherited the trauma, mistook the failure of that Union as our token quest, our token thing which we must succeed at. Traumatized. Trauma inherited. Regret. The Void seeks to delude us, to preoccupy us. To fill our hands. Anything but God, must fill our hands, says the intuited Void within. 

At the Cusp of a new romantic relationship I said when my mate had to go off and be with her kids (after eight years of Bachlorhood); “Now I know (once again) loneliness”.

So much attachment doth our Psyche rely on in the romantic relationship for allaying the horrific connotations which the intuited Void conjures.

For it conjures Oblivion, Designation for Discard, Waste, Separation from God for Eternity.

God has taken Care of all that however at the Cross of Calvary. Jesus died in my stead, how do I know this? I owed God a Life in Adam who forfeited that true Life, God’s Holy Spirit, not this fake thing we endure and refer to as life.

We grow old and die


Referred to as the 2nd Adam from Above (Jesus). Imagine; Though innocent, he submitted to the death of the Cross. Tried by a failed creation, unsanctioned By the God of Creation, so isn’t it logical then, rational then that A Primordial Debt would be abolished for they again wasted a True Life, the Son Of God. Just like He was not subject to the Natural Laws of Creation, walking on the Water, so was our debt aboblished, yet us unaware of this. And so it is a diminutive Faith required to Accept this Gift.

God have mercy on me, born into this wretched life handed down to me from Father Adam, and Mother Eve. I instead want to be accounted as one who trusts in Christ, not in me, but your Obedient Son. It is in His Name I ask, Amen.

Any comment, any assistance, contact me in the comments below, or at or on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Arizona)

A friend of mine once said; “You know, you speak of things that only God would know”. It is the same Spirit available to the willing which teaches me.


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