Terrorism And Value

Yes, some say that they commit those acts in obedience to God. If they know God, judging from the fact that they can practice such acts, remain in possession of a will  to choose to do so, then they have a problem understanding, and seeing His Grace extended even to them. For if God were as Vindictive as they, having Foreknowledge, they would be fried on the spot, at the point of contemplation.

No, it is we, the fallen creation who practice hate, and vindictiveness. God is a God of Grace. Below is Dwight Pentecost’s definition of Grace, which I took time to teach, years ago in Sunday School;

Grace is that intrinsic quality of God’s Being or essence, by which He is spontaneously favorable in His disposition and actions.

Analyze it, peruse it. Search out the quote’s significance, and truly you might be stirred by it.

Dwight says; God sits upon the Throne of Grace. If there are curtains beside His Throne, they are the Curtains of Grace.

What a thought, what a thought. No, the Terrorist is not dealing anything, nothing on behalf of God.

Sartre said; Man is forlorn

Meaning that man is abandoned by God. He was not entirely right. Sartre, like all of us seeking purpose, and attempting to create and accumulate value for self, was intellectually providing an out, an excuse, in the case of his proposal, why man must proceed according to his own dictates, and not to God’s.

This mess we have on our hands, present world wide circumstances, conflict, is all man made. Yes, some will say (of the terrorist); “This is a brutal and uncivilized man, ignorant, self segregated from common sense and the regard for human life (let’s go kill him)”. This statement too is retaliatory. Is man attempting to curtail man, criticizing his brother, out of his humanity. This word humanity can afford us a distinction. Yet it is egocentric. Pride affording. It is not Spiritual in substance. Careful, careful…..

The Human Cesspool

A push comes to shove, a piece of the pie, yet out of reach, out of reach.

True, collateral damage was perhaps suffered. Relatives hurt, killed. You talk, “the US did so and so”. Suddenly you see the future of a martyr within reach. Whereas previously your value identification was with Family, nurture and love.

You didn’t know it, but it wasn’t real love anyway….

No, it was a smokescreen of security, comfort, making the commonplace to identify with Value. Drama dear friend, drama. We so desperately need this drama. For there lies within the breast of man a Cavity of pain so profound. The Void, the residing innate Void, the source of all drive in our attempt to substitute for the Absence of the Life of God.

We intuit it when negative external occurrences loom before us. Upon its being invoked, it automatically wraps itself about the external negative occurrence and gives it Definition. Horror, doom, etc., it dresses the external circumstance. 

Drive, purpose, it is then that we are supplied with these.

Our Father, Adam, handed down to us a despair, a doom, a designation; Waste, Discard. Unavoidable, for what is God to do with a creation which has no Life, bears only death, emptiness.

Push comes to shove. Purpose. Kill in the name of a god which is in fact “you”, coupled with the Void within. A hunger, a need for Identification Value. A losing cause for you are still living, sourcing the Void within.

Rules of the Void:

1) Void value equals (always) Zero Value (Nada).

2) The Void always has the Last laugh.

When Sartre said that man is forlorn, his response was as that of a child. Actually when Adam simply did not trust the Word of God, His Spirit (God’s) could not abide with man, and so it returned back unto the Creator.

Fragile, the mind of man is fragile, afflicted. The Void within man exerts such despair, for like all wisdom full proclamations, its presence completes a Circle which goes off into Eternity and winds down in Chaos, Emptiness (the Void in man), and it is this which man’s Being is up against. 

Man is in need of Value. Significance, in need of Life. This Life is not found in religion, a thing which the mind of man has perverted. No, but in another hope held out; “I am the way, the Truth and The Life.”

The filling of His Spirit is what we require. Regeneration, in order to avoid all the Drama which the Void has erected through our egos.

There is a Biblical Psychology Friends.

You can talk to me, for further thoughts on this, in the comments below, or at; kingrat1397@gmail.com, or on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az)


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