Making Reason Into A Mystery

This is how we live life, how we give purpose to self, or the purpose we succumb to, when in truth, we could possess a healthier purpose.

There is a thing which we seek to contradict. An indictment against us which we spend time, precious time, contradicting. The role we have adapted for our parading of self must in fact contradict that truth we occlude.

The reason, why we do this is found in one word; Value.

Such a pain, such a profound pain is our lot, our package. Listen now, please to my dream. The dream I had last night. And bear in mind that all of life, the laughter even which we purchase, is all done as a service to this master, to keep it at bay. Everything we do is but a parallel to it.

The Dream I had last night;

My Father, who has been gone lo many years now, passed away, well….he was standing over me as I lay down on the floor. He had just come out of a room in our dwelling from where a group of family members had just been telling him something about me. While laying down, as is typical of all dreams, I knew he was so informed that he was coming to correct me corporally. This last prescience advanced to me as the “Dream I”.

Well he stood over me, and interestingly enough was striking my feet with something, yes, just my feet alone. I wore no shoes.

Here is the most telling portion of the dream, several times I attempted to ask him why, why was I being punished (struck, disciplined)?

He was telling me why, but it came out garbled, like gibberish. I could not discern what my reason for being punished was. So…..

And, basically, this is how we acquire meaning from dreams, if we pay close attention to the themes. Such as the following…

I, seeing as I could not make out his explanation, kept at it, asking why, why was I being disciplined. The sum of this is sorrow, a pronounced pain punctuated this scene, this injustice. Unfair. 

The Martyr, Miguel the martyr. IE; it was never my fault, life is unfair. This very affliction arranges our steps. Whether we succeed or fail in the eyes of negotiable value assumed by the world, life, society, we are driven by this central theme, adjudged, yes, assessed ere we started out. But we bide our time until the recompense arrives for us all. The final weighing in.

As to this post….

Making Reason Into A Mystery….

This is what we spend time weaving, refurbishing a decayed and fallen dream. We weave a circle, which like the Worm Ouroborous is busy eating, consuming itself. Man, that worm so well depicts us humans. If only we would stop. If only we would acknowledge our center. God is the answer.

They had to return to warfare, in the legend, tale of the Worm Ouroborous; IE any occupation which would do a stand in for Significance, Purpose, and Value.

In the dream, it is my adopted head, fashioned after my disciplinarian Pops, which proceeds forth from the comprising ideological representational adopted figures (in the room who reported to my pops infractions which merited punishments) prompted to inflict punishment upon me. Now…..

Bear in mind that where life is concerned, this discipline can entail, sickness, drama (utilizing other folk, and substances for the fulfillment of that judgement), and pastimes.

Cornell Woolrich, who by the general public is more widely known for the film; “Rear Window” (short story written by him made into the movie), has been credited with being a primary force in the introduction of Noir to the world, said in the end (after accruing so much fame) in answer when referred to how he was so successful in his tales of conflict and suspense; “I was just trying to cheat death” was his reply. A answer which should ring in our ears.

This life is that indictment: death

We are born into this world in possession of death. A profound Void within. Nobody wants to talk about this. We have desperately built a empire which counters that truth, and the saddest part is that out of fear of the truth, we have fixed it so that the truth has no credibility. We have stripped it of significance. And how ironic is that.

Since it is Significance which we lack.

The Life of God. We have woven that into a myth. Therefore rendering Faith invalid.

Start again.

We all need to start again, that we might see we have made a mystery out of reason out of convenience.

Love you guys, in Jesus name.

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