Physical Appearances

Your Body is not you.

It is crucial that you understand that your body whether favored or not is meant to be a distraction. Listen carefully; Your body is a bid, a cast of the Dice for Value from the Void within, in an attempt to deceive you, to fill your hands, to keep you blind as to your true circumstance.

true enemy is within. It is the Void within. It works in Dualities. Therefore the first freebie I will submit to you, out of love is;

In reference to your body, the delusion is either (gauged as) “I have a nice body”, or “I have a poor body” Yet, these two are like Kipling’s two impostors in the Poem “If”.

A happy caution;

These things I will attempt to share with you, will communicate to your Soul which houses your mind. Therefore you will be in possession (provided you make a small effort) of a sense of connection, “Aha, I feel ya…”

This, as I outline for you, is the true Psychology, one which the Analyst does not know how to embrace and fears embracing due to the popular consensus.

Limitations prevent the Analyst from going outside the Box.

But mind you, the popular consensus has been erected merely as a god, a gauge designed by the invalid Psyche to validate the state of unregeneration we inhabit at present, the temporal kingdom of Value.

We live a contradiction, a paradox. A Duality.

I don’t, have not, plumbed the depths of why Duality, thinking in Dualities, opens up so many enigmas upon the face of this existence we endure, but it does provide them, please trust me. Be patient and learn truth (Bless your heart)…….

I do know that we as a fallen creation, are a duality, and perhaps that is why observations based on the school of Duality open up so much.

In reference to the above; Man is a Dichotomy, a two part being (Soul/Body).

In essence; Like begets like….unavoidable…

I will attempt to impart unto you some clarifications which God, through His Gracious Spirit (my lovely companion) has generously instructed me concerning (don’t adjudge this statement as a boast, merely stating my situation as a mere vessel, unable to take credit for His inhabiting Fellowship, His enlightenment).

All that I have, I have in relation to surrender, to trust, Faith and to attempts to profit the most by the limitations of having been exposed, tendered, by His breaking allowed within my time allotted upon this earth.

It has been through God’s permissible breaking that He has been allowed to shine through the cracks of the separations, disengagements for my being, my essential make up.

You too need some separations to be enacted between the Value systems of this existence and your true calling. The Primordial Calling. Purpose. As to purpose, if we are not careful, watchful…; we might be deceived into adjusting it according to the gauges of the Void within.

We have somethings correct, but we attempt to frame them according to the dictates of our confinement, our predicament. The temporal is our paint brush. We make assessments, arrive at conclusions funded by our limitations; I offered Duality as a way of more substantially, and profitably procuring assessments, for purpose of counsel, a more healing counsel, which would permit for the entry of the healing Life of God to rule within.

Please return for part two of this talk. Sincerely; MAO

I can be reached for questions, help, in the comments below or at; or on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo of Huachuca City, Az..


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