Our Citadel

Our mission is to erect it.

Our Fortress of Solitude (Superman, in case you didn’t know). Driven, as if with a desperation born of a breach in our identified with universe where the constellations are kept in scheme by our diligence. Our vigilance is the only source of good fortune. Stay alert, don’t slumber.

Romance, the contract we have made, one of trust, a union which is swelled up with our hopes, our dreams. But the enemy sneaks in. One way or another. It isn’t that we don’t care. It isn’t for lack of affection. It isn’t that we cannot counter heartbreak with an equal amount of pain, of lament. 

Too bad that regret is never indisposed. No, depending on the association, it is available to gut and wrench the soul, our being.

Where did it begin? It began a long time ago with a dream. Where did the dream begin? More than likely it began with nurture. Our early years, those things we held dear.

And this will appear paradoxical, but due to Duality the dream could emerge from deprivation, IE the absence of love, of nurture. Weirder, stranger things do occur.

And now, yes now, “Now that we found love, what are we gonna do with it.” (a song)

Indoctrination; Our Citadel.

Things intend to Usurp God, and with good reason. With good reason….

We bear the mark handed down to us of our past truck with God. It lies within the breast of humankind. An emptiness within was the result of that event. It is this history handed down to us which we shared with God which we are trying to outrun. How can you outrun what lies within……..

In the end it will come down to self annihilation. It is the only legitimate attempt at outrunning what lies within. 

Jump off a cliff.


But the Citadel will incur problems.

In the beginning, it was all good.

A big high at the outset. Neither one can be seen in the light of failure, in the light of lack. If you lack then I lack for I run to you, I’m drawn to you. I don’t want to criticize self, uhn uh, no not in this….. 

If you lack then my dream lacks. A grace misplaced. You both can do no wrong. No, what is essential is the merging. The inclination of Purpose to enshrine itself. 

Value is enthroned. A new found Value. Less nothingness should engulf us. That nothingness threatening from the day we considered the probability, that day when we first encountered darkness. We don’t know what deed exactly brought the dark into the equation. But from then on we knew that our commitment then, from that moment on was to expend all of our time and energy in bringing back the nurture, in recreating it, or in fashioning it where it had no prior existence, and so……

We met romance, and we started to build our Citadel, tooth and nail we fought first for its erecting, and once erected, we unleashed hell to keep it going, to keep the dream alive. Even to the outcome of our dissipation.

Join me for part two next. In the mean time……

Thank you for reading, sincerely; MAO

I can be spoken to in the comments below or at kingrat1397@gmail.com or on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.)


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