Our Citadel (part two)

Below is the url for clicking upon, should you wish to go to the kick off of this gut wrenching series which unscrupulously examines the coupling difficulties of the romantic configuration. It begins quite fiercely enough.


In examining the romantic union we should be distanced from preconceptions, for it is a complex and difficult arena. If you are a young person then more so because of the scars which can accrue from the exploits of a romantic relationship.

Yes I know there are die hards who will insist that no one speak badly concerning the romantic union, but listen……

Consider Duality for a moment (please).

If you ground your feet into the dirt for footage, and bend the knee in anticipation of doing battle on behalf of the wreathes of praise to be lavished upon the romantic relationship, then Dualistically you respond, feel threatened with good reason; Duality steps into the argument (yours) and pronounces it contaminated. Yes, stained with a fear of failure. And so the teeth are grit prepared to defend what you fear will fail (with good substantiated, intuited reason).

Our state is communicated to your being.

Pay the price of admission in this discourse please; unadulterated truth.

Having pledged this above, we now can venture forth. Thank you, with love, and greatly appreciated.

With good reason, it is that we desperately place our bets on the romantic relationship. With good reason it is that our investment consists of heart and Soul. It does, it does. Our intentions are good but thwarted from the git go.

This bet, this bid we place on this thing succeeding is (appears to be) all which remains to us.


The woman offering her last mite in the Treasury. She was acknowledged and used as a classic example of the realistic believer, follower.

Her act represents a dispossession of our indoctrination from this world system.

Giving everything which exemplifies negotiable value recognized by man’s erected idol worshiping heart.

What? What does this statement above mean. Important that we perceive this.

Everything in life is a bid, a bid for Value, for recognition. An offering for acceptance; “Here, take this, it will represent me, will negate the darkness in my being.

Essential truth.

Yes, my being, my essence, my true makeup, my Soul. Strangely enough this is why a pseudo science stands at the gate and says; “Can you substantiate the existence of this thing you call the Soul, huh, show me proof!”

Then don’t talk of such things. Such things don’t enter into this room, whereupon the coffers are filled to the brim with accredited, recognized and negotiable substances. Yes, man is a fool. 

Just like when he set out to build a tower which would reach up to the heavens.

But I thank God that there is so much in me that I dream of sharing with you, and so you see, I have been swallowed up by my platform and seem to have digressed. Not so, and you might sense this that it all is woven together.

Since we appeared to have digressed then let us appear to go back on track……

Illusions huh….

A well intending man once told me; “Words fail.” (well intending because he possessed some pieces of the puzzle which left him as a clay pigeon)

He was right, and this is why we possess what we describe (failingly) as intuition. If we would shut the heck up and be forced (even by good conscience) to heed intuition, then it is that we would hear our state, our condition voice our need. Our absence within of the Life of God. A connection lost aeons ago. The fact that relative to the cosmos, to eternity we run a great risk of returning unto waste, unto discard.

And so we have this stage upon which we play the human comedy, a tragicomedy.

Jesus was asked to have the happy populace receiving Him, as He rode upon the ass (mule), to keep silent instead of being loud, rejoicing. He told them (and this brings tears to my eyes) that if this crowd should remain quiet, silenced, the very rocks would cry out. 

My friend, we are without the Life of God forfeited in Adam, as inanimate objects, when Adam fell, creation fell. And so it is that the Bible describes the Baptism, essential for this earth, by fire, and the new earth will emerge.

I know that you are scared, afraid of what you have seen of Christians. That’s okay. Coming into this thing, Christianity, perhaps you can get it right, make a difference. We possess some of the truth but not all of it.

All that I have told you is true.

But please return for part three where I will solidify some things for you. I hope you have been listening, front and center.

I can be communicated through the comments below or at kingrat1397@gmail.com or on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.)


2 thoughts on “Our Citadel (part two)

  1. Considering duality from now onwards.. ur citadel is an eye opener for many.. wish u luck for ur more blog in the same series.. but didn’t get y u added Christianity angle in the last part.. u jumped from one topic to another..well might be this is what I only assumed…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for pointing out the weakness in the account. I will review that, hopefully finding where elucidation is necessary.
      Include any needed clarification in part three.
      But from the git I must alert you that the things I have learned which I share and am able to expand upon, I would not be conscious of had not the Spirit of God reveal them to me. Other than for His Grace, I would not have found my way to any deep thoughts, or short cuts in deciphering such a complex relationship like romance. However, it is likely too early for me to convince you of this. Alls I ask at this point is please be faithful to attend the series, and you won’t be disappointed.
      But at the least return for an elucidation of your well taken observation.
      Sincerely; MAO


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