Our Citadel (part four)

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I admit that part three (previous) you might admittedly feel it not to have gone into the interests you have, concerns about the romantic relationship. Look it at like “Wax on/wax off”

Until you reap the fruits of the information in one through three, you will be oblivious to what you have. Before you know it, you will identify with the body of work, but sleep on it, assuming that “It is you”. Not something you have perused, but have the conviction that “this new learned individual resided within you all the time”, did it on your own. Such are the ventured and gains in the realm of instruction (teacher vs. student).

Now let me find a place to begin #3


a) Psychology would treat all persons as individual packages, possessing a prior history which shaped the character pro and con. Approaching all creatures with this school of thought restricts reason to a finger pointed at a crystallized being begging for individual cause and effects where blame is to be attributed.

The point of this above is to emphasize how we as humans are terrific at compromising issues, and making mysteries out of simplifications. Why do we do this? The human has much that he wishes to hide as a conglomerate creation. When it comes to origin, man would rather think in terms of origins; Meaning that we have many varied excuses for our behavior. Just consider the monstrosity which man has made out of medicine and Psychology. Over and over these fields reinvent themselves on a whim.

Simplifying raises the accusation of oversimplification. Mankind is like a child, fearing that one thing that we as children all fear, and grow up into denial of this Bogey Man. In fact the creative artist, in this case, writer tendered forth the Bogey Man in order to expiate a innate intuited horror. 

In essence; If we substantiate this intuited horror by turning it into a fable, we diminish anxiety, control the anxiety which correctly appertains to it. In fact the source of all anxiety stems from this innate horror we all harbor within as creatures of the Fall.

Now listen carefully; what is that thing which a child fears the most?

To be concluded as unlovable.

To be assessed by (and this is important to this subject matter) Self, by its own Psyche, as unlovable.

It is for the above cited reason that we set out in life to give ourselves roles which set out to allay this conclusion within our breast. People live lives of self destruction. People live lives of expending self upon the altars of success in order to quell the still small and terrifying edict within. Nervous breakdowns occur, horrors occur, murders occur. We have added fuel to this god of evasion, blood has spilled upon its altar.

When the child is faced with this potentiality of its being self concluded as Unlovable, a horrifying thing occurs within the mind.

Our innate companion which enters this sphere with every son of Adam; The Void is invoked. And the Void is the earnest (ahead of time) of oblivion, of discard, of waste. 

Mind you, this innate stamp is supposed to lead the wise, the heeding, back to God. 

Now understand that this feature is the source of All Drive for man. In fact, there are two kinds of people in the world; Celebrity Seeker, and Obscurity Seeker. But each one is Dominant one and subdominant the other. Which means that the Celebrity Seeker yearns for obscurity, and the Obscurity Seeker yearns for Celebrity. 

Why does this (the contradiction noted above)occur? This occurs due to an ordinate feature which is at the bottom of all this; Duality.

Our substitute for the Life of God has insisted that we implement Duality. Take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and viola; We are in possession of value, hoping that this mirthless and worthless preoccupation will keep the fact of our Voidedness at bay. 

If you bear with these things I share with you, you will not only see their place in the Romantic Relationship, but you will actually be on the In, which simply means that you will make room within for the Life of God. Little by little you will see that all of life can be divested of its mystique the complexity we weave in order to keep the source of all our pain at bay. 

What a tangled web we’ve woven.

We are getting closer to talking on more practical terms about the problems faced by one working in a romantic relationship.

Please return for part five, sincerely; MAO

I can be spoken to in the comments below, or at kingrat1397@gmail.com, or messaged on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.)


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