Opportune Misunderstanding

Below you will read (hopefully) a old face book post which I love dearly. It reminds me of my then little, now younger (he doesn’t like to be referred to as “little”) brother, Angel (yup, we share the name Angel, for me it is my middle name, for him, his first name. He was a handful, I had to keep a close eye on him.

I wrote the post a year ago today. Please read and enjoy;

There’s a statue facing you as you enter “Boys’ Town”.
Boys’ Town was started by a Religious institution to help difficult young boys find purpose in society and give them a sense of value.
The statue depicts a young boy carrying his little brother upon his back.

Engraved on the pedestal are the words; “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”
A popular song by the Hollies used this title, and subject quite beautifully back in the Sixties (1969). I’ve placed the link for you at the end of the illustration (hope you listen to it)

However the actual beginnings of this illustration are a bit varied.

My favorite telling is of the version which employs the little girl who carried upon her back a tremendously oversized toddler. She made her way laboriously.
Spotted by a woman who felt her difficulty as she made her way (This took place in Scotland.) the woman asked the child, “Is he heavy?”
The little girl thinking that the woman was mistaking her brother for a kid of another name, responded with; “‘E ain’t ‘Evy ‘e’s ma brither.”
(Said with a Scottish Brogue.)
This was overheard by a wayfaring minister who then wrote a sermon; “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”

The sermon became a very popular one and much reused for the uplifting of the believers. Below is the lovely inspiring song.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this. I can be spoken to on the comments below or at kingrat1397@gmail.com or messaged on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.)


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