Superficial Pastimes

The commitment to dreariness will never end.

So it appears, yet end, it will.

We are preoccupied with the external; Hot Potatoes

We will not stop, we will not heed the obvious. Our value systems are just that “Value Systems”, designed to designate value in titles of preoccupation where there is in truth no value whatsoever.

We embolden the missions, we complicate the issues, bury truth. Bury truth. One humongous distraction. And no one dares to heed the warning. The unmasking. 

We have built so much, invested so much so that we finally end up at the slippery slope;

and down we go…..

Look at the fabric of humanity, one tug here serves another tug there, and the rip is the product of the tug, and then Sinatra sings; “That’s Life” My, my….

We’re connected in the big lie, the big doom, merely an ocean of drowning ants, swirling water of drowning ants. Tsunamis of lies purveyed as truths, resulting in the heaping of ants upon ants who then conspire further with further admixture  to reinvent lies.

And we’re so afraid of what we intuit as truth, holding on for dear life to the fiction, trading reality for the fiction, giggling, ha ha-ing, as we move on. As we move on.


We strive to cheat death. To turn it into something of glory. In fact death itself is our driving source. Our inspiration for falsehood is death. Duality always joins the party to inspirit our laughter to inspirit our contradiction.

If we could only be real.

Some one started the lie long ago and we proceed to the cliff’s edge, pushing, laughing while we take what we can ere the minutes recline in deception processed, proceeding from the monarch Death.

Dualistically, it is embracing the truth concerning death which will rescue us.

Yet this is the very truth which in fear we nay say of; You killjoy stop talking about such negative things, “Think Positive”, worship the god of positivity. Do as we do.

The symbols are rampant, look around, look around……

The dollar bill is funded by nothing.

Yes, the above is the major astronomical statement depicting our times. Depicting humanity in its quest for value to Counter the truth, to counter the obvious; Humankind is in need of Value……

The Psychologist will step forward and place his name next to something cute, something of a moral purveyed by the “religious” entity, something inoffensive. Yet he must pronounce Maranatha those things which in turn pronounce Maranatha the fiction which he heralds with much pomp……..

The analyst remains preoccupied with the external evidences, acts, actions depicted, mere demonstrations of the ails, the language spoken by the ruination within, and thus it is by these innate manifestations that the analyst gets played, gets played……..

Due to the inherent ail, it is that mankind must strive, must build his individual tower of Babel, thus pronouncing it as his bid, his bid for the Value absented within. 

What lies below the water, what drowns below the water, don’t ask, don’t ask. Worship the superficial instead, what lies at the surface is all that counts; Fame, I’m gonna live forever. I’m gonna learn how to fly (while opportunity flies)…..

Remember my name….

Life is not as complex as we need to make it appear that we might appear to possess a semblance, is all we want, the semblance of value…..


I can be contacted in the comments below or at; or messaged on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (of Huachuca City, Az.) also…..

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri).


4 thoughts on “Superficial Pastimes

  1. Intriguing… and true. All of it…

    But what is this “truth concerning death which will rescue us”? Is it that we, like the dollar, are funded by Nothing? Or rather, that we, as ourselves, are Nothing, completely lacking in inherent Value?

    I have not yet read enough of your work to understand your point of view, I admit, but I know that God figures prominently in your philosophy. Is the Value we seek to be found, somehow, in the expression of God?

    You do not need to answer these questions, as they are mostly rhetorical, and will be answered at some point, I suspect, as I explore further in your archives… 🙂

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    1. You are a generous soul indeed. I pray that you continue to be so.
      Life is His Spirit. It has been made accessible at the Cross of Calvary.
      I know the aforesaid above might prove to be a stumbling block to you, I ask that God prevent that.
      Oh death where is thy sting, oh grave where is thy victory.
      The above is uttered in the Scripture, because we, born of Adam, a fallen creation who forfeited His Life, slept on it, took it for granted, are therefore shallow, empty in being bereft of His Life, and so it is not a lifestyle we aspire to, and not a religion we aspire to but instead Life, true Life. Power, true Power, supplied by His Holy Ghost, made accessible due to perfection, a perfection achieved by the Christ, Christianed the Second Adam from above who did not turn aside from obedience, from trusting in God’s will but instead willingly gave His Body to be a ransom for many, for us, for me, for you. He was innocent, and as a innocent He was hung upon a tree, that tree symbolizing the The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which man aspired to, becoming the little gods (small g) Assessors, and so it is our assessorship, thinking self to be apt pupils of judging created out web of confusion, this existence, and all its value systems, Psyches etc which attempt to usurp the God of creation. So it behooves us to see that we are driven by death, our body testifying to this with corruption, with aging, headed to the grave, making for some the End. No other opportunity but this life to find truth.
      I know this has been a lot. Judging however by your intellectual gift, I feel you up to the task. Listen man has corrupted the message of God, and turned it into religion, but it is in fact Truth, reality which none other fiction of reality can withstand. God love you

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      1. And you as well, my friend. I thank you for these answers, and will contemplate upon what you have written. Little shall be learned by me if I simply react, without taking to heart both the words and the message (intent) behind them…

        I shall return to continue our conversation, and to read more… 🙂

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      2. You are correct, God is not looking for robots, but for recognition as Life, which He is and in that manner it is that He enters our life. So that “act” thing yes, is dead in the water, plus you would misrepresent, since He is Life itself. Stay well, if it is to be He will inspirit and enlighten. Conviction is of the essence.

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