The Big Picture/The inside Line

This is a old post, the style of it demonstrates how time has affected my writing, but not to be dismissed, so here it is in a reblog, unedited. I hope you will find it of interest.


Growing up I always wished I could go straight to the top man.
I couldn’t just go straight to sleep (at a specific age) like other kids. Instead, there were the tears first, then the supplication.

Mom and Dad, please God, don’t let anything happen to them. As time progressed then it was; Okay, if anything should happen, let it be when I’m old enough to deal with it.

An inside line, I wanted.
That was another thing. I wanted to understand. What’s it all about; Life.
This apparent mish mosh. What was the purpose to all this chaos, this madness.
How could there be a God with all this madness.
It made no sense.

The crush made it so that you were forced to take sides. Forced to make choices before all the options were clarified for you to be in possession of a better slant, objectivity without outside…

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