Putting Romantic Love Into Perspective

You encounter the Devil, and you say; Get thee behind me Satan.

This is kind of what you have to do when devastated by a romantic episode in life, and how is that done………….? How do you confront this pain in your heart?

Well, now some tell themselves actually remarkable, and off the hook berserk things which they believe will aid them.
I once encountered  a female who would say; “I will shine again”

It takes all kinds.

She was manic, however……

A good rain shower, a sunset, a fragrance, all these things would arise to change her mood, subjective; IE various things took charge of her life, rather than one pivotal central belief.

Not quite a show of stability or strength, I would parley, huh? Well…(don’t take offense….just read on, read on…..)

Some believe that a hate campaign against this individual which they once “loved” would eradicate all the esteem once held in place for this person, and in the process deliver them from the heartbreak. Umm???

The thing is that this will result in permanent injury to the upheld Persona of the hater, and the perpetuation of the same patterns of failing. And why? Why……..?

The Romantic Relationship;

…..is circular. In order for it to have power, affect, impress, import it is set into place, ordained to be circular. It would not serve its intended purpose were it not a reciprocity. 

It is important to deconstruct this mania (yes it is a repeated mania…read on).

When two individuals engage in The Romantic Redemption Drama they stroke one another’s Psyche. 

It is circular. Electric currents. Psyche boosting, and high flung. And what is the drive source for this practice? Well, it is something innate, a deep scar within, and primordial in origin.

When two folk first meet are become smitten, it is due to this innate scar, pain, that they both perform the ritual of romance. It is an attempt at the quiet desperation of venting this primordial hurt. First off……..listen……..

The dance of romantic love involves the practice of building an IOL for one another; An Image Of Lovability, an image of self as “lovable”. Oh wow, how sensational, feels good, I’m lovable, let me scream it from the rooftops, I am lovable.

To conclude one’s self as unlovable is the most frightening thing for the human psyche.

And so it is that when we despise that person responsible for eliciting that primordial invested hurt, aiding to bring it to the fore, this hate of that person, in essence, says about us that we have reason for a self-loathing, we were but attempting to forestall the inevitable (the foundational makeup of this flaw within).

Better to employ Grace, we will heal the better, but, listen……

No, at this juncture, no wishy washy illusions must be submitted of; “Well, I still love him/her profoundly, deeply…..” No, you never did truly love this person, and they never truly did love you. You both did the dance but instinctually in the throes of this primordial mechanism. It wasn’t true love. We were but driven to work on this illusion only to cover up something else. Something lost to man/woman from out of Eternity. 

God is love.

 So to summarize…..

what have we (not….) learned;

a) To hate our ex following the disaster of a romantic relationship, due to it being a circular conjoined effort (stupid is as stupid does) sprinkles self-hate upon the two complicit souls.

b) Make peace with the God of Creation, due to this being an affliction relative to an old debt. For it is instinctual to respond in this Redemption Drama of romance. To allay our primordial fear of being unlovable.

c) This perspective (expounded in this post) does not exclude me from this human frailty, the susceptibility of falling in love (romantic love), but it can procure power through enlightenment (a more rational placement of hope, balance), an inner peace. Acceptance. 

d) (this is the part you were afraid of…..) This is covered in the Gospel, the Good news of why Christ died for us, our need of returning to the Loving, the perfect, the correctness, the Righteous Love of God.

I know, humankind has mishandled this truth, the Power of the Cross, the healing to be found there.

There is more on this school of thought. Should you need to understand more; I can be contacted in the comments below, or you can peruse my archives, I can also be contacted at kingrat1397@gmail.com, or messaged privately on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (Mickey, of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri).


2 thoughts on “Putting Romantic Love Into Perspective

  1. God is love and love is God.
    Yes we must never hate or desire for the EX of our life. Because first it will block your way for another chance or love. Second it will hamper your inner soul. The feeling of not owning someone is disgusting and it is better to get rid of it at once.

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