Young People……(Common Sense)

“You are convinced”;

One of my ex girl friends used to say.

Meaning that I was stuck up. Funny though, it wasn’t that. I was ignorant, I was unaware. Women found me attractive, but I had no sense of that.  Due to what was within. Simple.

Enough of that, but…….

About this post; You have selected out of the life options, your Persona. Your likes and dislikes, preferences. What you will present to the populace as “You”, your identity.

For the most part this will be a Perpetuation Image, an Ideal. Done, used because it gives you Value. It diminishes anxiety. 

But, ironically, it will put you under pressure, and why……..?

Due to a wonderful mechanism which cuts our throat experienced as “Conflict”.

It is the “Homey don’t play that”…..device within to attempt to open our eyes that we may see.

And we hate it, this mechanism. Why? Because as it performs the betrayal, it disowns us in essence. And oh boy does it make itself known; Sickness, Incapacitating, Self sabotaging, Substance Abuse……..Well, humph……..and humph again……waddaya tink o’ dat deaah, huh????

Man, who am I? A nuisance. Why do I write about such things? Why don’t I just let the young people have their fun? 

Have their fun and live a life of ignorance ending up with countless regrets,  adding to the problem, adding countless mystifications, unanswered yet ignored questions, unsatisfying instant supplies of unfulfilling solutions supplied by other puzzled yet wannabe’s, who are comforted by incorrect input given freely to the sufferer which when accepted designate them as “leaders”, belying their true condition; “Broken”. 

Another drop in the bucket of insignificance.

So then……

The Undiscovered Heart is at the end of all this dilemma.

Yes young people invest. They invest incorrectly in earthly issues. Earthly preoccupations (yes even religions).

Banners, yes, watch them bear their banners. Carry their “Causes” here and there. Voice opinions, “Watch me, listen to me see how dedicated I am to this cause”.

These causes, these ideals which I latched unto because I’m desperate, broken within, and in need of Value. Yes, yes, I have no value. And I won’t confront this truth, yes, rather I would “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Yes the monuments of those who have gone on before me are there to guide me, to cheer me on, as I perform yet again “futility”. All in truth merely the enmity against God substantiated by the innate, yup, the ignored innate which contradicts our performances as Big Fish In the Pond. 

The answer lies within the Paradox (as always, dear friend).

Nonsense. This world is populated by nonsense. Spread the Word, the true Word which has been shellacked, painted over, corrupted so that “You”, yes You would remain in ignorance.

Yes, Satan doth exist, and……

He has used those who represent “Christianity”, the Word to corrupt the message, the Gospel by creating issues, distracting issues which confuse the ears which might listen, making a “Religion” out of the true message, and in this way it becomes a “Preference”, and so exempting the preferential. Wow, wow, and Pero wow (Pero wow, a phrase the Dominican uses; “But wow”).

I had a option once upon a time, and when I honed in on it, it in turn, honed in on me. His Life within me has made clarity out of  ignorance; I see the Big Picture. He gave me clarity. He can do the same for you.

For my Brokenness He gave me His Spirit which came through the necessary offering of His Son. For it was the Law, the representation of “Perfection”, the millstone about my neck, choking, choking and not leaving me air to  breathe, to think straight, see clearly, always under that burden, making the spirit (small “s”) of man untrustworthy, all of its blather unreliable.

I point you towards the Cross of Calvary, be ye one of the few who are empowered in correctness by that event, that message, hear ye, hear ye, and hear ye; The Messiah came, His Son came, and in truth hath the Power to Deliver, to Heal…….accept ye His Gift, His Life…..

His Spirit, His perspective, His deliverance from Oblivion, from nothingness which awaits as Discard for the Spirit of God Bereft.

Much Love to you upon this day, sincerely: MAO

You can speak with me in the comments below, or at or on face book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri)


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