Separate Author’s Article

Okay, here’s the deal……

Below is the link to an article. I did not write it, of course, but I felt you should read it. When you go to the site make sure you read part two (click on the number 2 shown to the right of the number 1 at the bottom of article).

Following this I will post a sort of probing post on the two parts. I highly recommend that you read both this article and the insight questing post to follow. Please.

You will see the man’s name who wrote the article once you get to the site.

Sincerely; MAO

I can be spoken with in the comments section below or at or on facebook as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri)


3 thoughts on “Separate Author’s Article

    1. Yes, the article is very sincerely written. This man attracts sympathy by being so honest and open. I have yet to write an accompanying contrast with the Biblical impact relative to what he shares with us.

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