The Crowded Boat; Assessors

The crowded boat because we tend to make things worse for one another. Our influence upon those we are charged with rearing is usually one which produces the perpetuation of restrictions. We handicap our children. A boat full of assessors, critics, implanting the background voice of the critic in the mind of our offspring.

There is a comment here in this post which I wish for you to read. It is a comment I wrote to a post posted by a wonderful blogger. Wonderful because  within the posts written by this person you find clear cut requests for help, clues to what the burden is undergone, endured, self enforced.

What a wonderful thing the blogging world is. A place where you get a chance to heal, and not that healing is always the case.

Lots of times all that is accomplished are extenuations. Prolonged continued practices which serve to give credentials, justifying the sustained belief structure even though it is essentially flawed and self destructive. Perpetuation of the same curse. Masked and sustained by the instant gratification produced by intermingling with others who also require significance, value.

What I loved about this one individual’s posts is the ability to portray self with openness. Sincerity. Of course me being Miguel, immediately I am summoned to help, aid.

Time, we all need time to heal, patience. Healing is not magical, instead it is powerful, and that’s when God steps into the picture, as He is power itself, just as He is Love. Yes of course from us, Faith is demanded. Because Faith/Trust was the area in which our progenitor failed. The Will in Adam had to see something which Faith possessed, that indefinable something which held promise, but Adam slept on it. And so missing the mark, not trusting by a demonstration of obedience, seeing as this was the beginning of mankind, monstrously eternal, immemorial, the Life of God was lost to mankind. Then, at that time, but not forever. There would be a 2nd Adam. The Christ.

Now mark you (listen), as to the comment below…..

The person’s post was about Melancholia, about Disassociation.

The first thing you will read in my comment is a quote out of the actual post. A excerpt from the post. Which excerpt was implemented to give air to a wish by the person for better social skills, how to react, respond, fall into place, step.

It will be a bit hard going for you yet profitable if you put on your thinking cap and try to follow the context.

I know that this not being a continuous sharing, IE A half way decently rounded post but a fuse between someone else’s post and a observation, might leave a lot unsaid, but this is supposed to be thought provoking. Let’s see if you are up to it, just put yourself, your life in the place of the individual.

The comment begins below……..

“….a greater development of emotional growth.” Clearly the implanted product of indoctrination; The Critic, the self assessor demanding a better performance yet needing to fulfill the drama of chastiser.

Pure indoctrination, conditioning, left in the hands of those who would rear us, those who have been poisoned just like us. Human frailty. Holding out the promise of “Security”. Stability yet at the price of a fractured emotional Psyche. The perpetuation of a practice which amounts to drama.
A drama which fulfills a sense of comfort, security, insures the illusion that one is “loved”. Primarily and essentially that “I am lovable”, sacrificing deliverance, the uninhibited creative person within for the illusion. We make a big thing out of “it” (that indoctrinated security) yet we can only reach, touch the moon when we see it for what it is “Inconsequential”, merely a drama designated by self to self for the purpose of keeping alive the unnecessary; Wanting to believe that we are lovable. That’s when we are set free, when we realize it is not crucial to believe that we are lovable but to believe instead that we are Loved, it is God who Loves us in truth. Others suffer the same affliction as us, running scared, needing to recognize that we are Loved, there is some one who Loves us and it isn’t our fellow sufferer, but the God of Creation. This is when Life begins, and this is not religion. No, it is Life.
This is not positive thinking this instead is Faith, Trust, and the beginning of Love.
Sorry but its been a long time coming.
I myself can only Love if God is in it. This is my experience.
I wish it for you.
By now you should know that I am sincerely concerned. Good intentions.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The comment ended above.

If you have made any calculations, extrapolations from this comment above please say them in the comments below (talk to me). Thanks for the visit, I can be reached at or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Micke” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri)



15 thoughts on “The Crowded Boat; Assessors

    1. Xara I will email it to you for this is private (the individual’s) and I’m holding you accountable firstly as some one I trust and look up to, and second you must promise to write to me about your thoughts after having gone throught the material. Okay Schmay???

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    1. I am profoundly grateful for this response. Because though the traffic is light upon my blog (mostly for fear, intimidation reasons) those reading this, might contain ones who may benefit from our interaction based on this, your communicae.
      I will have to respond to your comment in some kind of order, for you have said a mouthful (again, for which I thank you, indebted I am). Below is your comment, reproduced that the train of thought can be made clear.

      “I was just reading about your piece about expressing yourself whole heartedly on a blog… I feel its not practical….I think we all have deep scars that is just not acceptable to the public (ofcourse there are exclusions)…”

      I say this with respect; I detect much pain in this comment. A sorrow (forgive my presumptuous role) which draws the heart. The Spirit of God yearns to deliver you from this pain. I detect so much pain which cries out for succour, yet….
      Clearly in this objection to what I posted I sense a “Convince me please!” And that is awesome indeed. Frankly I am impressed.
      Your reticence to loan the blogging world credibility as a platform suitable for openness, unrestrained is representative of a puzzle. Enigmatic in composition.
      As I stated before; You hint at wanting to do so. At having the need to voice this makeup, IE the configuration of “Your story”. Particulars. And you know the most remarkable thing you have given voice to is….
      You see me as potentially one who might make this possible for you. This liberty your Soul is in need of. Crazy huh (in a good way, lol). Mind you, I am no mystic as some set up little gods due to culture. No, I am just a fallen being saved by Grace, by the finished work of Christ upon the Cross, the Son of God.
      What secret pain can be so powerful that one is outfitted with the role of forbiddance which locks one into not seeing that the internet is anonymous, completely anonymous. I will tell you the source for this…..
      The human conscience. Voices lying within the human conscience, restless, criticizing, calling one shameful things which feed upon the monstrosity of the human conscience.
      But bear in mind that the human conscience is the monster which thrives on works, it is a system of works and therefore at enmity against God. In competition with God. It owns powerful chains, black chains owned by the event which invoked the Voidedness within handed down to us by our first father Adam. But mind you…..
      That Void is now filled for the Believer by the Spirit of God. So this predicates that A Faith must be correct in makeup, in structure. Dwight Pentecost wrote that there is no such thing as blind faith, it instead needs a target to aim at. The target to be expanded, enlarged that our Faith finds home is our Understanding. I say these things out of the Love of God, not in any shape my human love, but His Love within me, which can reach you because of His breaking having been processed in my life to convert it to Life.
      I could say more, will not. Hoping that some of what I said helps. Don’t however allow Satan who has complicated things for all of humankind from the dawn of the ages to confound your Faith. Please. And feel free to peruse my blog, there you might find some things of interest. And bear in mind I wish not to disrespect you or to belittle your wonderful heart in having opened up to me. I am deeply touched. God bless you profoundly. God Love you.
      In fact I give you a heads up, I will post this for the sake of some who read it.


      1. Well, you just killed the impact of what I wrote, or did you? Lol.
        And that is one of the problems with the written word, my friend. Nonetheless it shall stand. Further correspondence is welcome

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      2. I meant exposing ourselves on a blog… the whole lurid truth…. I am not a saint and I have done really bad things… for the average christian… being honest and truthful is not such a big deal… For got to read the bible today is different from masturbated 10 times today (just an example)

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      3. Okay, I do respect what you represent here as an example, now, what I say is “Objectivity”, meaning that there is no sense in some communications if they could be worded contextually to not only seek advice but also serve to instruct all the readers. Get my drift. My further point being that if one is in real need of help, yeah go ahead give voice but with a genuine sincerity. It does not matter what the problem is, all can be properly communicated. Am grateful for you taking the time out to be precise.
        But I caution you that there is no limit to what God can do, we are the ones with limits. Placing limits and complicating Grace. I don’t say this to insult you, but instead caution that self consciousness be of a positive and constructive origin. Not creating obstacles for you Faith. Likely (an aside) I have again complicated things myself, misunderstood yet once again. And no, I don’t drink a lot of coffee (lol). Hey here is my email; and I will not use any thing with out requesting consent first, no not for anything received privately.


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