He Said To Her…….

“Don’t humanize animals.” And he said it in a adult type reprimanding way.

She was talking to the dog (Her dog, not his.) in a loving way, affectionate way. Strange but…..

Though this, what he said was disguised, intended to mask a true concern, there was some truth in what he said. Yes, we humans are uncanny in the things we do (read on and see). And yes he was also wrong in that Self Orientation lacking, affected the portrayal, employing human concourse as a  means of voicing a fear.

Why this post? Well it is actually sweet and humorous, though sad at the same time, and we should be aware of the way we do the things we do.

It isn’t enough to just live life as some flaunt, as a banner in a crusade. A crusade depicting us with some import. Life is precious in that it is a opportunity. A chance for enlightenment. And not a self serving type of enlightenment as the Hedonist would have us to believe (Sorry Hedonist blog, “love” ya, lol. I’m yer pal.). Well Miguel, get to work on this post, will ya now, huh?



He felt threatened by her preoccupation with the dog. His portion of her affection was in competition with the lavished attention given to the dog.

Yes, it is true, you perfectionists out there would protest and say that he is poorly emotionally evolved, developed. IE immature. We have not all been graced alike, equipped with the same indoctrination by life. No.

However, it must be noted that he chose a brilliant remark to mask his pain, his hurt, his fear, his true reason for competing with the dog.

Fear makes us do funny things. Sometimes.

I was there, helping them assemble furniture, for they were now moving in together. And the idiot that I am, I burst out laughing when he said it. “Don’t humanize animals.”

Luckily it (my laughter) was not impacting in any way. But they both think highly of me (at this point you might wish I’d come and help you move in; LOL.). Plus we were having fun at work, joshing, using different commentaries to make it fun, pass the time…..

That dog is crazy about her.

Now, something else; The Safety Net.

In an attempt to create balance, employed to quieten a inner fear (for her), the dog served the purpose of a Safety Net. 

Sensing this is what inspired him.

Come what may, the dog would be there for her. Should they stray apart, should the relationship end, should he desert her, betray her, come communication problems, the dog would be there, his attention lavished upon her, the reinforcement, remembrance that some creature helped her identify with value, and…….

Unsaid, beneath the surface of it all the presence of the dog was the pronouncement, the unspoken death knell of the “What if”, hanging in the gloomy foggy unknown. Yes even a obscure yet sensed possibility. Which potential is always there in all romantic relationships, potential to falter, fail.

All that, was the dog’s presence to him and her. Yes, to her in a positive way. How do you like them apples? Huh? Not at all, and why? Because we don’t want to believe that we orchestrate things. That there lies purpose, significance to all things surrounding our being, our representations.

Dualistically; To her, to be more precise, in a positive/negative way was the dog’s presence, provisionary;

Negative in that she did not really have a stable investment in the relationship. Security. Doubt came along with the ride.

Positive in that the rough patches would be supplemented by the presence of the dog. IE a help, to stick with it.

But some vindictiveness might arise, be demonstrated along with a reticence to work on the relationship itself. The comforting presence of the dog could forfeit the needed input of “Hey let’s delve into this, work it out with some acceptance and  sincerity”.

So subconsciously things like this are always sensed within the human being. We react accordingly.

The thing we practice as love is emotion, and emotion has profound roots within. And it comprises our indoctrination, and beware less you assess others who do not possess as you do the products of your indoctrination. You would not be this person you portray were it not for providence, God arranging your indoctrination.

And He allowed/disallowed circumstances to bring you to His knowledge.

Yes, you are at Miguel’s blog, the nuisance. Tee hee.

Hate me, it’s okay. Good fer ya, ha.

Until next post. haha haha ha, haha haha ha, heh heh heh heh heh heh (Woody Woodpecker)

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10 thoughts on “He Said To Her…….

  1. JoJo

    Wow! You’re very brave for telling your story. Not a lot of people would be as willing to be as real as you are. I applaud you. I love how express yourself. That’s a great gift. I am looking forward to reading some of your entries 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the correction. However I have to inquire if you will put up with me….
      By the introduction, do you mean the one by the Gravatar or the one accompanying the posts?


      1. Not at all, you brought good news to me, thank you. Oh and it appears that you don’t have a blog, you see, I was ready to follow back. Yup this is a record blunder day, found your blog.


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