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Here you have a old post, precious to my heart. Perhaps it may touch your heart as well.


I failed to emphasize;

That one of the great players (elements) in my writing is “Instructing”.

I teach.

Teaching was something thrust upon me by my beloved Brother in Law, and also brother in the Lord; Bob Schembre.

We broke off from a Church we had, as much as grew up in the Lord in. He was a Graduate of Tennessee Temple U., and set out to plant and open a Church. So there I was, and he placed a book in my hands with; “I want you to teach the Doctrines of the Bible Mike…”

Man, was I scared.

Yes when I started out, there I was under the stress of teaching the Doctrines, and imagining all kinds of things. That people could see my right leg tremble (always the right leg for I had to distribute my weight on the poor remaining left leg).

My voice cracking and…

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