I Don’t Give Two Cents

I don’t give two cents for your comfort zones.

Yup, you need to be shaken right out of your comfort zones. And why?

Because you pride yourself on being honest, realistic, and on sure footing. And I do it for your own good. And it doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree, I have an obligation to you. Your blood could be on my hands. Yes, your soul is hanging in the balance.

Yes for this pursuit I have been persecuted. No not as badly as some martyrs in historic times were, no. But I have been provoked to heartbreak, to tears. And miraculous peculiar things happened then as I attempted to walk away in tears. Oh yes.

Chased, I was chased down a New York City street, by someone who had only a few moments before been yelling at me, cursing me out for talking to them about God. Chased with explanations about how they were so much under pressure, difficulties, and I told them, sincerely, “It is okay, don’t apologize….”

It is part of the process. These people joined me in worship soon enough. It happened.

Your comfort zones can be the end of you.

I had a guy once who was always telling me, uninvited to do so, that he loved religion. He loved people who worshiped God. He thought it was a wonderful thing. He wouldn’t stop approaching me and spouting off about how much he loved all religions, embraced them all.

One day I spoke honestly with him, yup, got myself in hot water again. I told him about how many folk tended to embrace all religions because…….

They simply did not wish to commit to one specific one. They did not wish to commit to a specific one because then they might have to relinquish some secret practice they indulged in which God Himself might not approve of. And guess what…..?

He tried to kill me. In my face yelling in a threatening manner, in front of many witnesses. by then I was a little bit hard core. Unfazed. Unmoved. Unshaken.

Only a day went by and he cornered me in the hall of my building with profuse apologies. Again I told him, assured him, it was nothing. Quite alright, not to sweat it.

Yes, I, in my inimitable way saw clearly through  his motives for his overwhelming demonstrations about how much he loved the folk who preached religion. I don’t preach religion. You might have assumed that, but if you read the bulk of my posts, you will see that I don’t have a religion, I instead preach power, and Life. I preach healing, and true Love, and not romance. I preach regeneration. If I preached anything else I would not have a school of thoughts, concepts which are radical and revolutionary in perspective to, in relation to the Bible. In fact I want for the Christian to understand that what they possess is more powerful, more precious than they have been led to believe. They minimize it, diminish it by the very language they use. They rob it of its power, its ability by making it appear to be a religion.

I am only one person. The battles are many. His Spirit is mighty, His Love is mighty.

And I don’t give two cents for your comfort zones.

Thanks for the visit, I can be reached at kingrat1397@gmail.com or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri)


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