Life Equals Illusion

Duality provides a measure. It is, as you all know predicated upon opposites.

Universally a list exists. Pro/con, good/evil, God/Satan, selflessness/selfishness, and though there are more, we offer lastly positive/negative, because this latter preoccupies our psyche quite a bit.

When we discuss “Reality” we point out that it is subjective, varied, in the eye of the beholder. It will not stand still and allow for processing. Everyone creates their own reality, is observed. And that explains why we continue in the creating process. In fact all that we know as history has been that, man attempting to create “Reality”; Futility.

Our attempting to impose our reality can be observed in our offerings (uncannily, paradoxically acts of worship), our donations to the clock, the day, the week, the year. Exchanges with those we come in contact with, those we banter with, amuse by what we say, and so on.

So, should you read the “Great” Philosophers you will find them to be mentally quite acrobatic, agile, turning flips and somersaults, impressive, oh yes…..

Not to mention expressive in defining “Reality”. And the Psychologists can be thrown into this list of mesmerizers. No matter because in the end if they cannot simplify it, all they have attempted is but to occupy the proverbial “Center Ring”. IE sell us a reality. Captivate votes.

It is for this reason that the duality of Positive/Negative means a lot to us. It affects our feelings, impacts our judgement. It is the utensil we approach the bowl with, hoping to procure a portion for self. Negative implies that the bowl is empty. We come away empty.

Yet with a impress, likely a minus one.

But we are like puppets. Affected/unaffected.

Played regardless of the positive/negative circumstances. A thermometer. Registering hot or cold. Mundane, but even if you go out upon the stage and garner the applause, and shine as my old friend used to say; “I will shine again, even without you.”, it tallies but a drop into the basin of futility.

Because we create our own reality, in the end this adds up to nothing. The grave owns us, claims us. Insubstantial. And so we do the dance, pirouette, leap and bound like little bunnies (actually bunnies don’t pirouette).

At this point you are saying; “Oh but you are too negative, too dark, bitter….” I could be slept on, as so often is the case. You see, often truth, enlightenment is achieved through the paradox. In looking for life we sometimes create a facsimile and drench self in it. Sometimes Life is found through death, through discard here rather than over there…….

Discarding all the versions of reality manufactured to buy us time, delay, inevitability…..

In summary

Because reality is subjective, does this not illustrate our latching unto, employing Faith unintentionally, subconsciously we are calling upon self to buy into (believe) an illusion which infuses us with value.

Do you not see how easy it is to sleep on things. IE Our Faith is being held hostage by this illusion called life when we are unable to tolerate the option of Faith in God. 

What’s more because “Reality” is subjective does this not paint a picture of the guy/person put away, locked away subdued by his/her idea, fixation of what’s real; The ones we diagnose as insane. This practice further lends us credentials, authorized to determine who is nuts and who isn’t…..waah?????

Reality is way above our heads

So much so that it owns us, yes our tickets are already punched, determined, cashed in by our preconceptions. We are our worse enemies.

I’d rather exercise Will, yes, create a channel to where it is I’d rather have my Faith deposited, kept in a safe place for me. 

“For I know whom I have believed.”

Thanks for the visit, I can be reached at or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri)


4 thoughts on “Life Equals Illusion

  1. Fascinating write, Miguel! Deep and penetrating, yet simple and enlightening: we choose who or what to believe, we choose faith or struggle. Reality thus reflects our choices…

    At least, that’s how I’m reading this… 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lisa, you have always been charitable. Lisa, what the Spirit of God permits be imparted to ye will suffice for the time being. We all grow in time based on the disposition to correctly align our Faith in God. Great things could await your life, even Life, true Life, but basically it all will line up with your disposition to believe. Enjoy what He imparts Lisa. I have always felt that you are a seeker of the Truth. I say these things because in the next few weeks I will not post. Instead I will be at work on something else. I might answer some new comments, some new readers, but that will be it until I should have accomplished what I need to do. Thanks again Lisa (and for your kind visits. But I have old posts out there in the archives. True the improvement in my writing makes them appear a little tame, but they will feed the Spirit. Bye

      Liked by 2 people

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