From time to time I dig this ole boy up. Crusty, dusty as it is, folks seem to like it.
As some know I’m forced to dig up these old posts for I’m unable to write new ones (busy now). If you have not read it you might like it, it is all in the power of a word……


“Can you substantiate that?”

We hear this statement from time to time.

We hear it coming out of Crime shows, or Legal thrillers, out of Mysteries. Books, real life, etc..

Can you back it up…

Not as in back up the car. Can you provide any evidence, any facts which will back up your argument, your story. Can what you just said, purported to be true, be substantiated by facts?

This is a biggie in life. Societal beings will flaunt this in your face, like a god (The ritual, the practice of proving a thing….) worthy of worship. Facts, evidence, proof. By raising this transcontinental worldwide flag, they spit in your face and attempt to make of you a nonentity, to discredit you, to disentitle you.

Sounds like I’ve been hurt, huh? Sounds like I’ve got a gripe, don’t it? Well hear me out completely that you might see the contradiction in all…

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