And Now Miguel (part one)

Due to my absence I will repost this. I never did finished the Series, one day hope to. Got up to part eight.


I am an old man by many standards. Not a problem. More happy now than I ever was.

I’ve been through two homeless shelters. Wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. A dear girl, but 22 years of age found it in her heart to rescue me out of the last one. My Granddaughter, and what a grand daughter she is. Dominique C. Oquendo.

I did most of the raising for that little critter. We were so close and she saw fit not to forget her gpa. I have my own apartment, furnished, housewares, and all necessities. She and He (God) put my feet on solid ground. On my own, thanks to a young person. She’s a dynamo.

Back to me.

I came to America when but six years of age (1956). Bronx NYC. What a life. Wonderful and exciting. Some scary moments. Many happy ones. Oh yes, and heartbreaks…

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