And Now Miguel (part five)

Generous I suppose for posting this now, taking a break from what is keeping me from posting new posts. The Young Turbans again and the Old (senior group) meet Dukey’s Boys in Minford Place.


Allow me to fill in some gaps;

My Parents were disciplinarians. I think some of the other member’s Parents were not. I had to go to school, do my homework, do some chores, etc..

So can you imagine a gang member like this. It wound up that the Turbans (mixed groups) on various occasions would wind up going, let’s say to a gig in Manhattan, and I wouldn’t be there. I had my family life. Thing is that events like that would take place at night for the most part.

Little by little resentment would set in. Especially in those events where they would encounter confrontations. Where was I.

But that came later.

I had mentioned that we had moved like two blocks over. Minford Place. Well my little Brother, Angel at one time was, I believe with two friends riding their bikes through Minford Place. They barely made it…

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