And Now Miguel (part three)

Here’s part three of the gang days in the Bronx N.Y.


Enter the Turbans.

They, at first enjoyed my naiveness. They were constantly playing tricks on me. We were all roll playing unawares.

They hit me up with stories that I would believe. The twins (Angel and Hector) along with five other members had a gig at the Colgate Gardens. Supposedly they played Timbales and other instruments. I got dressed up to go there. We all trudged up to the Colgate Gardens. Made no attempt to cross the street to it. I hadn’t noticed that I was the only one dressed up. I was really expecting a intro to something nice in life.

That’s when they let the cat out the bag. Laughing and laughing. Because it was them I didn’t mind so much. They bought me a beer. My first beer. I enjoyed the beer. I had, towards the end sensed that they were manipulating my naivety, and was the reason why they laughed and…

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