And Now Miguel (part six)

We come now to the Debs. Again a header here; This continues the series of my days in the street gangs of NYC.



The Turban Debs.

Yes, inevitably they had to come into existence. Yes, strangely enough, they were, one and all, beauties.

Sadly that is not so hard to imagine considering the type of young girl drawn into the gang life.

Runaways for the most part, and those who weren’t had many obligations at home. Unable to frequent the basement as often as they would like to. And in reference to the runaways, before you talk without thinking, the majority of those girls were taught to runaway from a home where they were being sexually abused. Some find marriage quickly and some runaway. Usually they enter a dangerous home environment. I’ve seen it, I don’t know how sheltered you’ve been….

They were very disorganized. I guess they had a shortage of female libbers amongst them. (brutal sarcasm, double entendre).

Now, recollect that I told you in these memoirs that the guys…

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