Imagine If……

Here’s another old post. Employ your imagination.


There was an insane asylum on a planet which housed all the insane population of that planet, but….

The planet was so huge that the population of that insane asylum were the size of a small planet the size of ours.

That that very population one day escaped and made it to earth, an uninhabited earth, and set up living here.
That they would never breathe a word about it, and lived in fear of the home planet one day tracking them here.

They were so good at keeping quiet about it, cause for one thing, they were, after all, insane. So good at keeping it quiet that they bore other generations which were never privy to the truth.

So in essence, they were like the lunatic who escaped from an insane asylum and disguised himself. Who surreptitiously blended in among the unsuspecting populace.

Who raised a family, of which…

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