The Use Of Drugs

A short thought here for you on me and drugs. It again is a reblog. I am still busy on my other project, thanks for asking. Sincerely; MAO


What kept me from drugs were several things;
On the one hand I was a Chronic sufferer of Asthma.
Not any more. The Lord saw fit to help me with that.
How the Asthma helped to keep me from drugs as a young man was through the fact of the type of Meds I had to take for my ailment.
Back then they prescribed for you Tedral (Theophyline and Ephedrine) quite a mad cocktail.
That was totally crazy powerful. And I sincerely believed that this combination created a vicious cycle for me.
It debilitated my system to the point where I believed I would get an attack just to facilitate the taking of the Medication.
Yup, that was my life.
Luckily, I had an incredibly strong heart, because those homies (meds) gave you mad palpitations.

There was however something else which kept me from easily trying drugs (any);
I so…

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