In Conclusion…..

I’ve noted that some having read this, posted no “likes”, I understand, and get this; What I have written here, though not apparent, is meaningless in the following sense; You will not be next. This seems like a rant, granted, but it is merely a Biblical stand. If you love someone, there may come a time when such a position must be made known. It is not permanent, no, for as I pointed out, by the Grace of God, as he evidences His Love to me on a daily basis and in Promise (His Word), I will always Love this person, as by His Grace I will always Love you. Nuff said, now you can choose not to like it, awesome, cooly cool man.

Matthew 10:14
Parallel Verses
King James Version
And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

No, this is not a general goodbye.

This is writ here as a record. A  record between me and a friend. We are still friends yet the previous relationship is done. Done.

My Case;

My stand, my position has been one of espousing that we humans, fundamentally are no good. That a utopia attempted or built by us in our Natural State will not succeed. I have stated that we are in need of redemption, that we are flawed, broken, empty and in need of God being given the right, and freedom to fill us, to inhabit us, and that for this purpose He requires our acceptance of this truth, fundamentally, He is in need of our completing the Circle, the current of Power. He is in need of our Faith.

You have tagged me, labeled me as “religious”, labeled what I espouse as a religion. Fine, so be it. I’ve attempted to supply, to incite the small flame within your heart. It is time that we part ways.

You have publicly created a conflict. Fine. It is what it is.

I state the rest of my case; In Conclusion…..

From your part:

You have said that if I were a Celestial Being, then I had the right to say, and purvey the themes I presented. Sorry, but on your part, this is somewhat comical, unrealistic, coming from what outwardly appears to be a very intelligent and capable person.

In essence I don’t have the right to have the confidence I have in the things I say relative to God because I am not what you term “a Celestial Being”. You said I “assumed” some things. How dare I question your experience with “love”. When you said that you have loved more than that which might be categorized as “romance”, you have given evidence of various things. 

First; You have given evidence of failure. Evidence of human frailty. Of flaw.

What’s more important….

You have demonstrated pride in your bootstraps. Like Nimrod the Hunter who set out to build the Tower of Babel, which work God incapacitated. His (God’s) Presence will always be known. Here and now I point out once again that I plead the case for God and not for me. More important, substantial; This is not religion but it is a Truth. We are a Incomplete Creation. 

We are haunted and driven out of our incompleteness to procure Significance because True Significance is The Absented Life Of God From Man (humans). 

You see before you, me, a Carnal Being. But within, perhaps tiny, there resides a Celestial Being. So therefore, yes……

I am not a Celestial Being, you are correct in saying that, for on a daily basis I struggle with my Carnality; It is what it is.

And this Being within me which while in attendance, attends to my incompleteness, my pain, my predilections, my yearning to stray is attended by this Celestial Being. Who is in fact everything around me, and is in fact evidence of Truth. Truth comprised for example in the pride which is at enmity with God. At odds with the evidence within (even within you) which dictates, represents our preference Rather than His Will.

You say that there is no proof, no evidence of the things I say…….

Again you are mistaken……

Humankind is the evidence. The reality we have created, the dance of chaos we have made of reality, and all simply because we choose what we are comfortable with; Our preferred reality.

Our Void within is what drives us to make a name for ourselves. Create “realities”, employ systems of value that we may identify with them to counter the Void within, and so it is that what I espouse you reduce to this same level of content. You see it as a mere candidate for position, elevation. It is so, it must be that it be reduced by the Voided being in context. 

Fact; What does it espouse? The fact that we are Broken. And this is the road to success, to finding what we all are in need of. This alone is truth counterbalanced by the evidence within; our incompleteness, our need to elevate self. 

And so I shake the dust off my feet, until we meet again dear friend, you are in my prayers, and I forward to you yet; The Love of God which began my healing, the hand He extended to me, the hand of Grace (no not like our terminology comfortably describing a dancer or movement), the hand of Salvation which exempted me from Oblivion, from the Waste for which I had been made outfitted for without the Life of God, being a Son of Adam. 

The Truth must be acknowledged before one can in repentance change direction, instead of being directed to show evidence of One’s Righteousness, head instead, towards the Righteousness of God, our banner, our Love, our magnificent Representative; Met At the Crossroads of life, AT the Cross of Calvary. 

Perhaps one or both of your parents were Christians in name, nominal. They temporarily cut off the chance that you would look kindly upon what you call religion, which is Truth when man, flawed creation that he/she is, does not reduce the message it brings, disempower it through misrepresentation. And so you haven’t fallen far from that Tree of Disappointment. 

I love you with the evinced Love of God, you are in my prayers, as surely as I pray for myself.

A dios (translated; “to God”)

Thanks for the visit, I can be reached at or on Face Book as Miguel Angel Oquendo (“Mickey” of Huachuca City, Az.)

Also these very reliable men might be near your area; Reverend Angel L. Oquendo (my Brother) at MinisterioAPG (Pembroke Pines Florida) on face book (Spanish and English), or Reverend Bob Schembre on face book also (Missouri)


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