Prove Yourself

Here again is a old post. Enjoy, and thanks for the visit.


According to Sartre, you should prove yourself.
Be that which you titularly ascribe to yourself. According to Sartre you have that burden, put up or shut up.

If you claim, in voice, communication, to be something, then prove it. Occupy in being that thing (“Being and Nothingness”).
Whether an artist, a writer, a mason, etc..

As if you are in a desperate race.
We see the pressure this places upon humanity. And we also can see the Simplistic creation, easily recognizable attributing, categorizing, this makes of society, life….
pigeon holing!

Sounds like it is Socialistic, even Communistic in makeup.
Everything in its place. Sounds manic. Sounds eccentric. Idiosyncratic.

Wow, desperation, one shot at it, otherwise it is oblivion for you pal, those are the breaks according to Sartre.

But it is inescapable that if you view life this way then you live with a burden.

Jesus came to remove our…

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