Anxiety (once more)

This again, as I have been actively doing in the past two (?) weeks or so is a old post. It is, I admit a little abrupt on the illustrative side because this is some of my early writing. I hope you enjoy it.


You know, for example about a panic attack.
You know about folks who feel anxious a great deal of the time.
You know about a child being anxious for the dispersing of the Christmas presents under the tree.
About a lover being anxious for the arrival of the loved one.
It is possible for a person not to understand what is meant by anxiety.
I met a man once, at the Belview Homeless Shelter for men in Manhattan N.Y..
He asked me what I was writing.
I had been writing down some thoughts on Axiety. I told him so.
He looked puzzled. I started out with “You know….” and began to describe it through specific scenarios.
This guy was a guy who had been caught heisting a Jewelry store and while two guys had made it out (fellow theives), he was floored, and I suppose that wasn’t enough for the…

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