When We Were Young…..

Short and sweet, an old post. As in our youth, in despair, in loneliness we expectantly scanned the starry night skies, hoping that even a flying saucer would descend with many varied colorful lights, open its door and invite us in and take us to a wonderland, rescue.
Where from did we inherit this need, crave, this vacancy of despair which all of life seems to do its darnedest to provoke? Read on…..


Urged by our circumstances, we scanned the skies often.
We yearned for something to descend from those skies, to embrace us and take us away from all our disappointments. All of the turmoil which we never asked, or bargained for.
But nothing emerged from those skies. Nothing.
We blamed the powers that be for not answering our call.
On our terms. We thought it had to be on our terms.
If there is no valuable substance in the reserve, we cannot print paper to be used for buying.
The paper represents what is in the reserve.
We have no power of supplication if we don’t possess the Spirit of God.
On His terms. On His terms.
And if we had His Spirit we would pray on His terms.
Just like the neighbor we never talk to, we need to get to know and understand God.
The Bible is that book…

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