Blue lights to white…

Listen please to this remarkable story by this person who endured so much, but experienced the love of God first hand.

Shattered in Him

There are details of certain things in my life I wish to be truly careful in sharing from this platform.  I was not going to share what I have written about this one, because there are a lot of details in my life I wish to leave with Jesus.  However, something was pressing me toward this for a while and I have been sitting on this and praying about it.  I have had tears on my cheeks just typing this out.  A couple of times, I had to stop and ask my husband to pray for me in order to keep writing.

In late 2001, while experiencing a deep depression in which my mind was being bombarded with haunting memories of the past and the crushing pain of infertility, I sought out a doctor to get help.  After a visit or two, I was started on medication.  That medication led…

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4 thoughts on “Blue lights to white…

      1. I want the best for you guys. You guys a stanchion, and I hope people see this in your path, the one God has clearly been in the forefront of. What a wonderful testimony showing the power of Faith, of necessity, and providence.
        People need little sparks to be ignited by such stories. I hope you understand there is thanks enough in what you guys have gone through. Don’t sweat the thank me part. Just keep sharing.


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